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How Keith Avoided Injuries And Got Back Training


Today’s StrongLife Success Story is about how Keith Diffley avoided injuries and got his training back on track.

He’s been a great client to train here and every session was fun.

If you happen to know Keith, he plays in a very popular wedding band.

*cough* Top Of The Popz for all your wedding entertainment needs *cough*.

Many sessions were spent chatting about old school rock music, the state of modern music and we threw in some training, muscle building and nutrition talk too!

But before I rattle on any more, here’s a bit from Keith himself.

Why Did You Look For A Personal Trainer?

I contacted Colm about 6 months ago to enquire about a training program.

I was finding it hard to keep any consistency in my training due to a busy work and home life!

My lower back was constantly giving me grief so I wanted a plan that would minimise the time spent in the gym, keep me fit and also rehabilitate my lower back.

Colm asked me “how many times a week I could train?”, and to be realistic with my answer.

I said “1 hr, 3 times a week” so he tailored a plan to suit this which was great!

I done 2 early morning PT sessions a week followed by one training session in my local gym at the end of the week.


Keith has a wonderful wife and 2 lovely kids, so home life is hectic.

Throw in the fact that he works late nights with the band it means time spent in the gym needs to be limited.

He genuinely loves training and has done so for years, but life was getting in the way.

So the best setup was to commit to the number of sessions he can GUARANTEE to make every week.

We both decided 2 PT sessions here in Boyle followed with a Saturday session in his local Carrick gym would suit best.

And it worked perfectly.

Every 6 weeks or so I reviewed training and progress and always kept him with plans for Saturdays too!

Avoiding The Worry Of Injuries

I would highly recommend StrongLife Gym and especially Colm as a Personal Trainer.

A structured plan took the pressure off and gave me something to work towards each week.

3 hours a week is realistic and attainable and with the right plan you will see results!

Colm also adapted my plan to take the strain off and strengthen my lower back.

I haven’t had any problems with it since!

If you are looking for a structured plan tailored to you personally that will yield results then Colm is the man for the job!

His friendly personality and bad jokes will also make the training enjoyable.


I fully choose to dispute the bad jokes remark!

But to be honest, Keith made it very easy for me throughout the time here.

By getting to know him I knew how he moved, what issues we needed to work around and what exercises we should avoid.

That way he continued to train week after week with no issues.

Something he hadn’t done in months!

And he got the confidence to push himself that little more without worrying about old injuries.

That’s exactly what good coaching is about.

Enabling people to jump into training without fears.

And it’s why I personalise all training plans for my clients to ensure they stay safe yet still see results.

Want To Personalise Your Training?

If you’re like Keith and you need some more structure in your training to ensure you’ll see results, please get in touch.

I’m over at  .

Just send me a message and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Talk soon.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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