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Our Programs

At Stronglife, we have 3 levels of service to cover what you need.

  • If you feel like you need a lot of help and the benefit of having a Personal Trainer take care of all your sessions.
  • If you have a goal in mind and want to take on the challenge of a 6 week program to achieve it.
  • Or if you already know your way around the gym and would like to train here under our guidance and training systems.

All sessions are tailored to you and generally last 45-60 minutes. Our facility is open from 4-10pm Monday – Friday and Saturday 10am-1pm.

Monthly Personal Training Package

Cost: €360 per month

Our PT Package covers everything you need to make amazing changes.

  • 3 x personal training sessions per week with fully customised programming
  • Weekly reviews of your nutrition to ensure fat loss/muscle gain.
  • Weekly assessments to track progress and adjust where needed
  • A full introduction to mobility and a tailored plan to work on any old injuries or current niggles you may have (shoulder/back stiffness etc.)
  • Full support and guidance of your Personal Trainer 24/7.

6 Week Bodyfat Blitz

Cost - €140

Our Bodyfat Blitz program includes most of the PT package, but is more affordable and once completed you are given the opportunity to enroll on our membership plan.

  • 3 x supervised training sessions per week with modified programming based off your needs
  • Body measurements on Week 1, 3 and 6 to track progress and calculate your nutrition requirements.
  • We will guide you on your nutrition to build a template to suit your goals.
  • Full introduction and support throughout.

Stronglife Membership Plan

Cost: €65 per month

  • Train in our fully supervised gym so you don’t worry about doing it wrong.
  • Follow our training systems for year long results
  • Nutrition advice provided throughout.
  • We’ll cover any questions you have and help out where we can.

Why Not Give It A Go?

1 Week Trial of our Bodyfat Blitz program for just €20