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Emotional Eating

I was an emotional eater and still have the odd occasion where I emotionally eat…

But back in the day when I was having major issues with my weight and food, if I had a bad day or was even feeling tired, I would plow through bars of chocolate, biscuits, crisps, cake etc…

And I won’t lie…

Eating it all at the time made me feel better..

But 2-3 hours later I’d be lying naked in the foetal position in the bath listening to my Dido album… (White Flag anyone?)

(Off topic – you CAN NOT have a roadtrip without Alanis Morissette blasting)

There’s a vicious cycle if you’re struggling with your weight AND an emotional eater..

1 – You eat too much so you put on weight

2 – You feel miserable and depressed because you’re overweight

3 – You eat to make yourself happy which in turn leads to more weight gain

4 – You’re back to feeling miserable…

It took me YEARS to break this cycle…

And I won’t lie, it is tough…

It takes a lot of determination to break the cycle…

But once you gain momentum it gets easier..

It’s very easy to turn to junk food if you’re feeling tired and like sh*t… So it takes some work to start replacing that with good food.

One thing I learned was to always have your house stocked up with good food over the weekends. And I usually go for meals that can be cooked in < 20 minutes so you don’t have an excuse of being lazy.

But don’t worry if you do break and eat some junk, just pause and take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and then focus on making your next meal a good one. That way you will slowly break the cycle of binging from Friday evening to Monday morning…

The biggest winner for me is filling your idle time with something productive..

Ya see, watching TV doesn’t actually require you to do much apart from sit there and stare at a screen.. So it’s pretty easy for your mind to get bored from inactivity and then the munchies come out.

Reading has been the big winner for me… Reading requires you to fully switch on and when you get a book you like then you’ll easily pass a few hours of keep that brain firing the right way and not need to munch on sweets.

Need a book? – I highly recommend Tony Robbins – “Awaken The Giant Within”

In regards to having negative thoughts – I cannot recommend getting out for a walk..

Get out walking somewhere quiet and peaceful and don’t use music, just stroll around and give your mind time to unwind and relax.

Trial and error is required to find the ways to keep you focused.

Unfortunately, those short term pleasures (the pizza and chocolate) are pushing your long term goals further away…

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Peace out.

Colm Duignan


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