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How To Keep Progressing In The Gym


95% of ladies who join a gym say they want to get stronger, lose weight and tone up.

Most guys want to pack on some muscle and boost their confidence in t-shirts.

To be fair, that’s probably 95% of the gym going population.

While I you may not be able to train here, I do want to help you get the best results from your own training wherever you may be.

So let’s talk about getting toned muscles.

Ensuring Progress In The Gym

In order to get stronger and get toned, we have to overload our muscles by lifting weights in order to build muscle tissue and strength.

However, many people over time fail to provide that overload.

Say you join a class or a gym and those 5kg dumbbells feel like heavy.

But as the weeks go by it gets easier, you wobble less with them and you can do more sets and reps.

Another month passes by and you run in, grab those 5’s, rattle the workout and head home.

They’ve become easy.

Which means that you’ve achieved sufficient adaptation to those weights and they no longer provide an overload.

The unfortunate side to this is that you may have reached the point of diminishing returns.

This is where you’ve reached a strength and fitness levels and your body is much more efficient at lifting those weights so in turn it doesn’t expend as much energy.

So what must we do now?

Well, we need to reintroduce overload.

And that means moving up a weight.

So by grabbing 7.5kg, you’re now overloading your muscles again and making them work harder.

They must now adapt to the new stimulus you’re imposing on them in order to become stronger and build muscle.

And that way you continue to make progress in the long term.

But a few final points.

1. Only ever increase the weight when you are confident with your technique.

Sacrificing technique for weight puts you on the path for trouble.

2. There are some exercises that will be hard to increase like Lateral Raises and Curls, but you can manipulate sets/reps and tempo to keep them interesting.

But for Squats, lunges, rows and presses, you should be able to see progress up the weights stack.

It may just take longer for some so keep on training.

Finally, take a moment and review your last year of training.

Are you still using the same weight and has it become easy?

If so, it might be time to move up!

Have a good Sunday.


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Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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