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How Local Girls Get Strong In A Boyle Gym

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Ever since I dipped my toe in the gym, I’ve fallen in love with getting strong.

And since opening the doors to my very own gym, I’ve loved seeing others get strong too.

There’s something very rewarding about seeing someone develop strength, whether it be physical or mental.

And if simply throwing weights onto a bar in a gym helps you to develop those strengths, then that’s something really special!

Over the last 4 years, I started off with mainly lads lifting weights.

But the last 2 years things have really evolved and this place is dominated by girls lifting now.

The main things with training girls is building their confidence.

Almost every single girl walks in the door saying “I’m so weak” or “I’ve zero upper body strength”.

But that’s only ever a starting point.

Making You Strong

It’s very rare that any girl walks in the door and can do a full pushup with no training.

And for so many girls, it’s a case of building confidence.

For some reason, girls seem to be conditioned into thinking “I’m not able”.

However, that’s not the case.

It’s a matter of building you up bit by bit into a stronger version of yourself.

It’s about removing the stigma that only guys lift weights.

And it’s about showing you the potential you have irrespective of where you’re starting right now.

Thankfully, the barriers of the weights room have been removed and more girls than ever are getting strong.

And the more girls that get strong here, the greater the knock on effect.

Other girls start to believe that they can do it it.

And eventually I get that quiet, sheepish little question – “Can I try that too?”.

The Process

When it comes to making you strong, there’s a process involved.

The first few weeks are spent fine tuning your movement and techniques.

This ensures you become comfortable in the gym, you get familiar with exercises and you learn the techniques.

Nobody ever wants to get hurt, right?

After the initial phase, we then move you on to becoming familiar with a barbell and develop those exercises.

The first time lifting a bar can be quite daunting, hence why I build a good strength base in the initial phase before we go near it.

No point throwing you in the deep end.

And once you spend time mastering the bar, you suddenly open so many avenues to take your training.

Week by week you start adding little plates to the bar until they become big ones.

All of a sudden the number on the bar begins to mean something to you.

(I’ve over 20 girls that have Deadlift 100kg+ here in the last 18 months).

The Results

You start noticing big strength gains which means your husband/boyfriend comes home from the pub on time, or else!!

You start launching bags of coal into the boot of the car no bother.

The fella can stay at home watching football because you can carry all the bags of shopping yourself.

But along with all that, your confidence surges, your self esteem sky rockets and you develop a new found love for your own body.

You realise that instead of beating your body down with severe diets and intense workouts, you can actually develop your body through good nutrition and build it up in the gym.

So ladies, don’t be afraid of the weights.

It doesn’t matter whether you feel ‘weak’ right now.

Just start.

Because in a matter of weeks you will look back and be amazed at how much you’re transforming yourself both mentally and physically.

Develop new strength, develop new love for your body and become a better you.

Have a great day!


P.s. Our Transform For Summer Challenge kicks off on April 16th.

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