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Where To Get Started With Your Diet In 2018


Is today the day you officially get started with your diet for 2018?

It’s the 8th of January, the kids are gone back to school and normality has been restored.

You’ve cleared the house of all the sweets, biscuits and Christmas indulgences.

You’re now back to work so you are now back into a routine.

But as you look down, there’s an annoying muffin top hanging over your pants.

Your stomach isn’t as flat as you’d like.

Those bingo wings are still driving you crazy.

Let’s not even start with your legs…. thank god it’s months until legs out seasons hit.

Today is the day to start your diet!

That’s it, you’re taking it seriously this time.

“2018 is going to be my year!”

But as you begin to think about dieting, you realise you don’t know where to start.

You’ve read so many articles online but you don’t know which to believe.

Ads for detoxes, cleanses, juices and super quick weight loss are all over your news feed.

You’re bombarded with options but where do you start?

Digging Deeper

Let’s keep this super simple.

If right now, you are unhappy with how you look and feel then it’s time to make changes.

But let’s look at it this way, if you are currently overweight then that is a result to the over consumption of food.

Over time, you’ve happened to subconsciously be eating too many calories on a daily basis.

Weekends have been filled with takeaways, wine and chocolate.

You may not have been as active as you’d have liked.

So before we even bother with Calories and Protein etc., we first need to address your dietary habits.

To begin addressing those, let’s be honest, do you binge eat/drink at weekends?

That’s an area that needs addressing.

Do you secretly eat food and pretend like it didn’t happen or you’ll “work it off tomorrow”?

We can work on improving your decisions and become conscious of these issues.

Do you use food as comfort for you emotions/boredom?

Look at ways you can keep yourself entertained and look at alternative ways to make yourself feel happy.

No One Chooses To Be Overweight

Have you ever met someone who is overweight and admits to choosing to be?

It’s very rare.

Instead, we can feel ashamed, embarrassed, low self esteem, self conscious and down over it.

We look online and see celebs with perfect bodies and we ask “why can’t that be me?”

Why is it so hard for me to lose weight?

When it comes to weight gain, a lot of it comes subconsciously.

Over time our portion sizes gradually become bigger and bigger, along with our waistline.

It happens so slowly that you don’t see it happening.

Instead of 1 glass of wine to enjoy yourself, it has become 2 or 3.

1 bar of chocolate has now become the big share size bar.

So take a moment to have a look at your weekly “bad” points and take stock of them.

Because once you become aware of these problem areas you can now put a plan of action in place.

Where To Start With Your Diet

So let’s look at what you can do to kick off your diet.

No calorie counting yet.

Simply do this:

  • 3 healthy meals per day focusing on lean meats and plenty of veg/salad.
  • 1 snack per day with particular focus on limiting the portion size
  • 2-3 litres of water per day
  • Do some form of exercise per day that you enjoy, that clears your head and leaves you feeling good.

Then come the weekend, build into your mind that you’re going to work on those weekend binges.

Cut back to 1 glass of wine, take a look at your portion sizes and back to the smaller bar of chocolate.

Plan your meals in advance at weekends so you know what and when you are eating.

This avoids the rush to eat when you realise you’re hungry but you’ve nothing in the house.

Because we’re all guilty of making poor decisions when Hangry!

How To Progress

As the weeks go by, you should feel more in control of your food intake.

You’ve built a good routine into your weekends to avoid the food binges.

So on a weekly basis, we can assess progress.

We can do so by checking your weight, how your clothes fit, how you look in the mirror and some body circumference measurements.

If things aren’t moving, reduce food volume or switch to tracking your Calories.

Tracking calories is a very worthwhile exercise because it’s a quicker way of assessing your current food intake.

But it’s not essential for the general person who just wants to lose a stone and feel better about themselves.

Because I can guarantee that you will feel so much better about yourself when your clothes fit better, when you see a happier, fitter and healthier person in the mirror and when your self esteem and confidence takes a surge upwards.


If you’re starting your diet today, get back to working on the basics.

Work on highlighting the areas where you fall down (weekends, food choices etc.) and make a conscious effort to improve on them.

Give yourself time, because you’ve developed a habit of eating this way so it takes time to alter it.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself – too many people beat themselves up because they’re not seeing enough progress or they have a really poor view of themselves physically.

(We’ve all had negative thoughts about ourselves based on how we look).

Pat yourself on the back from time to time.

We all fall off the wagon but get back up on it.

Learn from mistakes and use it as motivation going forward.

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Hope this has helped.


P.s. If you cannot avail of StrongLife due to location, we may be taking on a very small few for a 6 Week Diet Challenge in the next week or two. Keep your eyes peeled.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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