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Get In Shape For Christmas With StrongLife


There’s 6 Weeks from today until you’re sitting down, undoing the top button of your pants and tucking into the Turkey dinner. Could be time to get in shape?

But between now and then, you have all the Xmas parties, meeting of friends and family.

More importantly, you have to put on some really nice clothes and look good.

So why not:

  • Shift half a stone
  • Shed up to 8 inches
  • Get fitter, healthier and more confident
  • Feel sexy in your new clothes
  • Impress your friends and family with how well you’re looking

Sounds good?

Well from between now and Christmas, you can do exactly just that by following our training programs and coaching plans.

  • Train with us 2-3 times a week
  • Lift weights, move your body well, blast out some conditioning work
  • Learn to structure your meals around your own individual requirements
  • Manage your calories for guaranteed results
  • Weekly assessments to keep you honest and on track
  • Have the craic while you’re at it.

So we have a few different options for you depending on what you need and what you can honestly commit to.


PT Package – €300

Have 12 sessions on a 1-2-1 basis with a Personal Trainer (that’s me). This covers everything from a tailored training program, tailored nutrition, bi-weekly measurements to assess progress and you have the full benefit of myself for each session to keep you going and ensure your technique is safe and correct. Plus I can give you a swift kick up the arse.

4 Week Turkey Transformation – €80

Need to make room for the turkey right?

The 4 Week Transformation covers a tailored training program, diet setup and advice throughout and weekly measurements. Train in our supervised gym here 3 times a week.

Standard Membership – €60

If the above options aren’t for you, then you can simply sign up to our monthly membership plan. I’ll do an induction session to get you up and running and get you set up on one of our training programs too.


All you have to do is pop your details in below and I’ll drop you a text today to get you booked in.

Talk Soon