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Finding Calm During This Time Of Crisis


As I drove through the town of Boyle yesterday, the streets were empty and calm.

No hustle or bustle, no bunting, no shamrocks or flags.

No crowds of people lining the streets to wave and celebrate the parade.

The clinks of pint glasses didn’t ring from inside the pubs.

The chatter and laughter of families enjoying food in restaurants were replaced with eerie silence as those tables and chairs sat empty.

There was no laughter of children, no singing from the buck with a few pints in him, and no mass of green garments drifting along the streets.

There was no excitement or mass gathering to just knock as much fun out of the day and celebrate being Irish.

Instead, the streets stayed silent, the pub doors were shut, the restaurants sat vacant.

I reminisced of the mad craic had in those previous years on Paddy’s Day.

The pints, the shite talk, the chatting to everyone within a 40km radius, your head leading your body to the chipper at 1am.

This morning, I should’ve woken to the musty odour of last night’s Guinness through the house as I battled the beating hangover a concoction of paracetamol and water.

Instead, I woke up to another day of uncertainty.

To another day of passing the time around the house and finding stuff to keep occupied.

And, another day of trying not to be dragged deep into the fear on social media.

So, the question is, can we find calm during this time of crisis?

Finding Calm During Time Of Crisis

We’re living in an unprecedented time, one which we shall hopefully never witness again in our lifetime.

A pandemic currently gripping the world gripping people with fear, panic and anxiety.

A social and economic dark cloud lurks in the distance as so many of us have closed the doors of our businesses as we look to assist in stopping the spread of this virus.

For a number of weeks now, Coronavirus has been the hot topic of conversation.

It has bred so much anxiety, panic and worry into all of us, regardless of how level headed you are.

It is a genuine worry, but one we all are working towards overcoming together.

I doubt anybody knows how this will play out.

But, there’s potential reasons to find calm in this amazing country of Ireland.

As guidelines to battle the spread of the virus were issued, an amazing amount of people took the initiative to close their businesses temporarily.

They done so, happy with the financial implications, because they see the bigger picture – caring and helping their communities and looking out for one another.

Restaurants are feeding the front-line staff in support of the trough and tremendous work they’re doing.

The nation as a whole is offering nothing but love and support for every single member of those front-line staff who are putting themselves at risk in order to serve and protect the rest of us.

There’s even mention of Irish abroad who are quitting their jobs to come home and help.

Social distancing has been acknowledged and implemented by the majority, regardless of what videos you’ve seen online.

Everyone out walking takes a moment to wave, say hello and to smile at one another as they pass by.

We watched musicians perform live on social media to give people solace and pride on Paddy’s Day, right from the comfort of their own home.

We seen families make their own St. Patrick’s Day parades around the house with costumes and homemade floats.

And people connecting with one another through social media, making sure everyone is coping okay.

We may be in the midst of a crisis, but we’re showing tremendous solidarity.

We’re supporting one another, caring for one another, and making sure we do our bit so we can all get through this and get back to the good times together.

And, as unpopular as they may have been, our government are doing a tremendous job of dealing with this crisis.

Together In Solidarity

Life is fragile.

Life is not guaranteed.

And that’s why we will do our bit so we can see one another prosper once again in the near future.

Make the short term sacrifice, for the long term gain.

It’s kind of like when the TV or Laptop is acting up, so you turn it off and then back on again.

Right now, we’re turning it off.

And in weeks to come, when we turn it back on again, we may well have a totally new appreciation for what we have in life.

A new perspective and sense of community, one where we care less about material goods, and more about those around us.

An appreciation for all levels of employees and workers, regardless of their pay grade or social status. Because without them, you wouldn’t have all your toilet paper stocked up in the shed.

In a time when you’ve not ‘made it’ unless you’re famous with a Lamborghini, maybe we’re finally resetting to a point where we will appreciate everyone’s value in society going forward.

So, this time of unprecedented crisis, let’s try to find calm.

Let’s work together, follow the guidelines form government and credible health organisations, spend less time on social media, and more time checking in on those around us.

Focus your energy into positive things, whether that’s taking up an old hobby again, expanding your knowledge by taking a course or dusting off some books, maybe learn a language or musical instrument, or who knows, maybe go write that book.

Spend less time spreading fear or panic and instead work on what’s within your control.

Let’s do our bit.

Together, we’ll battle our way through this.

And by god, we’ll have some party when this is all done and dusted.

Mind yourself and those around you.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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