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Fat Loss Strategies For The Office Worker

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Let’s look at some strategies for Fat Loss for people that work in offices.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to office/desk jobs is the lack of activity.

For many, you drive to work, then you’re at a desk for 7-8 hours and drive home.

If you’ve a decent commute, that’s up to 10 hours a day sitting, pretty inactive.

That’s before you add in any more downtime when chilling out in the evening.

So right of the bat, the level of activity in your day is hampered due to the nature of your job.

Back during the boom, majority of jobs were manual labour.

Only us “soft lads” took jobs in offices (hence why I’ve girly hands).

However, over the last 10 years, many jobs have now merged over to office based.

So as a nation, our employment has made us inactive during the day.

Which is why exercise/gym’s are becoming more important.

Not only that, but simple moving is massively important now.

Battling The Waistline & NEAT

Okay, hopefully this doesn’t fly over your head.

But I want to briefly explain NEAT – Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

Think of it simply as all activity that is not exercise related – walking around, doing house work, chasing the dog as he threatens to pee in the sitting room and even fidgeting.

For physically active people – your daily NEAT can account for 32% of your daily energy expenditure.

However, for non physically active, this drops to about 17%.

Those numbers aren’t fixed, for active workers it can be much higher than 32%, and also lower than 17% if you’re very sedentary.

Simply put, if you’re sitting all day at a desk you require a LOT less energy than a physical job.

So you’re at a disadvantage.

This is why many who work in offices (I did for 5 years) struggle to keep the waistline in check.

The decreased level of activity, higher stress and couple that with there always seeming to be cake/sweets on the rounds increases your chances of fat gain.

Fat Loss Strategies For The Office Worker

  1. Energy Balance

Unfortunately, due to the nature of your job, your daily energy intake will be lower than if you were on your feet all day.

There can be up to 30-40 kcals difference in energy per hour expenditure between sitting and standing at work.

So if you are confined to a desk with limited opportunities to move/stand, then you will need to fine tune your nutrition and bring your calories in line with your daily expenditure and goals.

2. Physical Activity

Due to the level of inactivity throughout the day at work, becoming more active outside of it is vital.

It can be simple things like walking more, parking the car further away, bringing in the shopping in 3 trips instead o carrying 14 bags at once.

Making a conscious and consistent effort to just be more active over the long term will greatly improve your overall progress.

That’s one of the reasons you see “Step Targets” being thrown out for people with Fitbits. It’s a simple way of setting a target to move more each day and you have it on your wrist telling you how many you’ve done.

Then  of course, you can hit the gym and work on full body movements.

Not just to burn calories, but to also improve your body composition and battle the aches and stiffness associated with desk jobs.

Weight training especially will help you retain muscle mass and decrease fat mass.

It has also been shown to decrease appetite which helps in calorie control.

Simple Gym Tactic

When it comes to training folks that work in offices, I have them do loaded carries in between exercises.

Instead of having them sit on a bench waiting for the next set, they’re walking and moving.

It’s adding in activity in a very simple way as I know the rest of their day will be spent at a desk.

So you can look into doing the same for added activity!

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