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Why Every Day Is A Chance To Make Someone Smile


“Thanks for making me smile”.

That was the simple message I got on Sunday.

That morning, I was acting the eejit while hoovering the gym.

So I stuck a photo up on my Instagram of me being a simpleton.

An hour later, one of my clients messaged me saying thanks.

She’s been going through a hard time following a bereavement in her family.

And that one simple photo managed to put a smile on her face for a second.

It’s Worth It To Make Someone Smile

As much as I love training people and running a business, I love making someone smile or laugh even more.

The world is already filled with so much misery, hate and sadness, so I don’t feel the need to add to it.

Just look at the comments sections on Facebook.

You’ll see complete strangers arguing with each other based on their opinions.

On Instagram, you’ll see millions of selfies every day depicting the perfect body or life, but in reality it’s not as rosy.

With social media etc., the human connection is slowly eroding.

We’re becoming disconnected and almost too serious.

In reality, life is short so we should try knock a bit more craic out of it.

I know well that people roll their eyes at me most of the time, but there’s those few people that I somehow cheer up.

And that’s what really counts.

We all end up going through tough times.

We all need that unexpected moment that cheers us up.

That moment that just gives you a little relief.

Even if it’s a photo of a manchild with a hoover.

It’s why I always do my best to put a smile on a client’s face or knock a laugh out of them.

Even if they want to kill me half the time.

Don’t be afraid to be silly, you never know who it might make a difference to.

And be sure to check in on those who are going through tough times.

A little goes a long way.

Hope you had a great weekend.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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