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Have You Ever Felt Like This When Getting Ready To Go Out?

Have You Ever Gone To Get Ready For A Night Out?
You put on an outfit, then look in the mirror and hate what you see.
You feel disheartened, you throw your clothes off and try another outfit.
Same feelings.
Your clothes just seem to stick to your hips or belly.
Maybe they make your arms look too big.
Or your legs might look chunky under that dress.
For lads, maybe you’re conscious of the beer belly.
Maybe that t-shirt hugs your chest a bit too tight.
Or you’ve had to move up another notch on the belt.
Getting ready for a night out or a fancy dinner can be stressful.
It can leave you feeling deflated.
What should be a reason to feel confident, sexy and good in yourself ends up with you sitting on the bed feeling like crap.
Nothing looks good on.
You’ve got no clothes (except for the 500 in the wardrobe).
Are you really arsed in going out now?

Why It’s Common For People Getting Ready

Don’t worry, this is normal for so many people.
When it comes to going out or getting dressed up for a wedding, you want to look good.
You want to feel good in yourself.
You want to feel confident and not be self conscious of how you look.
And above all, you want to be able to have your photo taken without fear surging through your body as you think they may put it on social media.
Ya see, when we go out, or go out out, we tend to focus our attention on how others will view us.
In Ireland, we live in constant fear of judgement from others.
If you’re carrying a bit of weight right now, you probably hate having photos taken with your “skinny” friends.
You spend hours planning your outfit in a way to try and hide your conscious areas.
Or maybe you just stick to loose, black clothes because they cover you well.

Why You Can Make A Change

It doesn’t have to be that way!
You’ve every right in life to feel great about yourself.
I want you to be confident, feel sexy, have high self esteem and be fit and healthy.
Everyone wants that.
And if you don’t feel like that right now, it doesn’t mean you won’t in the future.
All it’s going to take is for you to get started.
You start moving and eating a bit better.
As the weight begins to drop, the clothes start getting looser and you begin to tone up, I can promise you that you will start to feel unbelievable in your own skin.
And I can promise you that you’ll not regret giving StrongLife Gym a go.
You can take a 7 Day Trial here so you can try before you sign up long-term.
Get it here!
“Life is a game of confidence”.
The more confident you are, the more enjoyable life will be.
And that’s fully within your power.
So call in and give it a try.
Talk soon.
Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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