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How To Eat Chocolate And Lose Weight


Ever avoid going on a diet because you’d have to give up chocolate?

Your idea of hell is to eat chicken and kale for the rest of your life just to drop a few lbs.

When you think of diet, you think of restriction.

You think of all the foods you cannot have.

No glass of wine with the girls.

No pint of beer with the lads.

Just you crying into a bowl of lettuce every Saturday night.

You look online and see people with abs boast about eating ice cream and their cheat meals.

Yet here you are, trying so hard but as soon as you sniff a cookie you gain a pound.

So can you really lose weight without giving up everything?

How To Eat Chocolate And Lose Weight

Yes, it IS possible to lose weight while eating chocolate.

In fact, you could eat 5 Mars Bars a day and lose weight.

But that diet may not benefit you in terms of health and how you feel.

No matter what you read or are marketed, the bottom line for weight loss is being in a calorie deficit.

There is no other way to it.

Vegan, Paleo, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Low Carb, Low Fat, Slimming World etc etc etc.

All of these have one thing in common when you lose weight following them.

They enable you to create a calorie deficit and by doing so you drop fat.

Simple. As. That.

There is no magic diet.

But there are diets that will suit some more than others.

So if your diet is in check and you have some calories to spare, then you CAN use those calories on chocolate and still maintain a calorie deficit which means you’re dropping weight.

What’s The Catch?

Is there a catch?

Yes, there is.

We all have certain foods that we are prone to overeating.

For some it’s chocolate and biscuits, others it can be crisps or takeaways.

So when it comes to our indulgent foods, we have to exercise discipline.

Without discipline, we’re more than likely prone to overindulging which means excess calories.

And that’s exactly how you stop fat loss and fail with a diet.

When it comes to your diet, you should use majority of your calories on your meals.

Focus on lean meats, plenty of veg and good fats.

Then you can keep a small allowance so that if you have cravings you can enjoy a small treat and still stay on track.

Or you can keep those calories in the bank for another day that you may struggle with.

Overall, it’s all about running a deficit over the week and month, not just a single day.

And by respecting energy balance, you can eat foods you enjoy while still losing weight.

Just don’t go expecting to improve your health and how you feel if you use all your calories on chocolate.

Hope you’re enjoying the great weather.



Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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