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Drop A Dress Size In Time For Christmas

Want To Slip Into That Nice Dress For Christmas Parties?

How About Entering A Room Feeling Confident And Sexy?

Or Maybe You Just Want To Look Fit And Healthy?

drop a dress size

Drop A Dress Size For Christmas!

On November 1st, our Drop A Dress Size programme kicks off.

It’s a 5 week programme aimed at helping you drop a dress size in time for the holidays.

So what is the Drop A Dress Size programme?

  • 5 Week Tailored Training & Nutrition Plan to suit you as an individual
  • 3 flexible gym session per week
  • Weekly check-ins to keep you on track (Weight & Measurements)
  • Accountability and Support throughout
  • Assessments and alterations throughout based on progress

Is It Just To Drop A Dress Size?

Not quite, our aim is to help you lose weight and drop inches so you end up with a flatter stomach, firmer legs and bum whilst feeling great in your clothes and body.

Ready To Look And Feel Great?

There’s only 6 places available and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The programme is €120

You can apply right here:

We’ll be in touch within 48 hours.