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“I don’t want to get too big”

too big

One conversation that’s always had with new clients is – “I don’t want to get too big”.

So today I want to address what it takes to get “too” big and why you shouldn’t worry about it.

First of all, let’s understand what you really mean by getting too big.

The image that people have with the term “too big” is the really muscular dude, huge chest, shoulders and arms with a full 6 pack on show. Or the girl with shredded abs, muscular shoulders and legs.

I understand it’s not something everyone wants to achieve, however; I do appreciate the people who do get into that shape as it’s something they desire.  I have to admire their dedication and commitment to achieving such a physique. At the end of the day, everyone has their goals and we shouldn’t judge based on our own opinions.

Now what’s wrong with this perception of weights making you bulky?

The guy/girl has spent some serious hours in the gym.

To look like that, you have to hammer the weights hard and aim to stimulate muscle growth for quite a long time. And by a long time I mean YEARS. You don’t simply hit a few squats and bench presses and wake up suddenly too big.

Ask any guy that’s in the gym how hard it is to pack on muscle. If it was that easy I’d be walking around like Zeus.

Along with hitting the weights hard, you also have to eat a tonne of food.

To stimulate muscle growth, you HAVE to consume excess calories than you require.

Not looking to get big? Keep your calories under control and you’ll ensure you’re not gaining weight/muscle in a hurry.

So a quick and simple summary is – to pack on muscle you need to stimulate muscle growth multiple times a week through hypertrophy training (the fancy name for stimulating muscle growth) while also maintaining a calorie surplus week on week in order to gain size.

Let’s look at the other side to it.

Those photos you see on the interwebs of big ripped guys/girls can be manipulated.

Quite a few would have dehydrated themselves to obtain such a shredded look especially for a photoshoot.

They won’t walk around like that every day of the week.

Not only that, but they can use lighting to their advantage to obtain a better look also.

But the big thing is, quite a few of them are drug assisted so straight away this look is not going to be achievable for you in the short term.

So all I can say is, don’t be afraid of the weights. If you want to look and feel better, lift away to your hearts content.

You’ll add a small amount of muscle tissue (just enough to make you look good) and strip some bodyfat off.

It’s all 100% in your control and happens slowly (a lot slower than you can imagine).

Enjoy the process and you can tweak your training as you go along to suit your progress and goals.

Have a good Wednesday!

Colm “damn I wish it was that easy” Duignan

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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