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Why You Don’t Really Want To Lose Weight


Today, I’m going to explain why you don’t really want to lose weight.

If you’ve read any of my previous articles, you know I talk a lot about simplifying weight loss.

I aim to remove the confusion and give clear guidelines along with practical advice.

But today, let’s talk about why YOU don’t really want to lose weight.

Being Unhappy With Your Body

I’ve yet to meet a girl who is 100% happy with their body.

Unfortunately, girls are highly vulnerable to negative body images.

This can be driven my mainstream media.

Look back at the 90’s and you were heavily influenced by magazines.

It’s why all girls were led to believe that you had to be stick thin to be classed as beautiful.

Nowadays, social media has taken over.

Flick open any app and look for health and fitness.

You will soon be inundated with pictures of girls in crop tops and lots of skin on show.

They look so good.

They have amazing bodies.

On the outside, they look to have the perfect life.

You wish you could look like that.

But unfortunately, you’re stuck with stretch marks, bingo wings, love handles and thick thighs.

If only you could lift your bum up an inch, maybe flatten your tummy so it doesn’t roll over the top of your pants.

You look in the mirror and feel demoralised.

Everywhere you look, you see problems with your body.

You see areas you’d love to change.

But instead of feeling empowered to change them, you choose to beat yourself up.

Negative words run through your mind when you try on new clothes.

That photo someone took on a night out makes you depressed.

Why can’t you just look better?

Why can’t you look like the girls online?

The unfortunate reality is that if you have ever felt these emotions towards your own body, you have more than likely developed them from an external source.

Whether that was negative comments from those bitchy girls, your lack of confidence around lads that exacerbates your sadness, or it can be driven by images you view online.

So you may turn to losing weight as a way to fix things.

But is losing weight the answer?

Why You Don’t Want To Lose Weight

Being realistic, no one really WANTS to lose weight.

Who wants to spend time avoiding dessert and nice food?

It’s not something we WANT to do until we HAVE to.

And that’s when we need to lower our bodyweight for health reasons.

But if you focus on weight loss based off your own body image, then do you really want to lose weight?

Are you looking to lose weight?


Are you really looking to become more confident, increase your self esteem, feel sexy and attractive to your husband/boyfriend, have more sex, increase your self worth.

Or maybe you want to get a few more matches on Tinder.

But most of all – you look to be happy.

Whatever it is, we never look to lose weight.

Instead, we look to gain the emotions that losing weight will bring.

The confidence that you get from compliments, be it from co-workers, family members and friends.

The boost of self esteem when you try on that dress and you feel sexy and amazing in it.

Having to tell himself to stop grabbing your ass and let you get ready for work.

Sex – imagine being able to whip the clothes off and not instantly crawl inside your own head from self consciousness?

Yes, you can overcome that too!

By becoming more confident, increasing your self esteem, feeling sexy etc. all contributes to an increased feeling of self worth.

The Role Of Products

Beauty products and diet supplements are such huge sellers in the world of females.

You’re not buying the product for what it is.

You buy it because of what it will do for you.

That makeup that makes you feel confident, sexy or maybe it contours your chubby cheeks a bit better.

(Just to point out, I am a man, yet I have somehow learned all this from listening to female clients. 

No, I am not gay, however I do suspect I have grown a massive mangina).

But at the end of the day, superficial products will never build up your emotions.

They can be a short term fix to allow you to come out of your head and live a little better.

But long term, I want to see you become a better person internally.

Nothing beats seeing someone overcome confidence issues, seeing them smile more and have a pep in their step.

And if hitting the gym, eating better and becoming fitter brings about those good emotions, then you should definitely start.

Don’t worry about being a newbie or not knowing anything.

No one ever jumps into a car and takes off the first time perfectly.

Put one foot in front of the other.

Do one squat at a time.

Improve one meal every day.

Drink one more glass of water.

Look in the mirror and before you identify issues, look yourself in the eyes and just….


Happiness has to start inside of you.

And that stems from how you view yourself.

Bingo wings, hips and bellies can be fixed easily.

But that voice inside your head also needs to be worked on.

So be a little nicer to yourself.

Look at the good in you, in life, and in those around you.

Never judge yourself based on what you see online, because that’s pretty much all fake anyways.

Always remember, we only ever show the good stuff online, the highlight reel.

We never show real life.

We’ve become obsessed with portraying a certain image.

But in reality, none of it matters.

Spend more time looking after yourself, your health and your mind.

You’ll appreciate it much more in the long run.

You’ll soon look back and realise that it’s not all about eyebrows and the Kardashians.

Spend more time being yourself.



Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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