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Diet – Weekdays vs Weekends


“During the week my diet is fine, it’s the weekends…”

This is a statement I get on a regular basis when it comes to dieting…

And one that is common among everybody.

You can do a super diet Monday to midday Friday but after that it starts to spiral out of control…

And a recurring theme that I see is simply:

– you don’t eat enough during the week which leads to your body going into overdrive at the weekend which leads to the over consumption of food (mainly junk food).

It could look something like this –

Monday to Friday you have a really good routine between work, gym and meal times.

Come Saturday, you get up and have a different breakfast. The sugar cravings hit hard so you start ploughing through all the hyper palatable foods (the ones that taste awesome and you can eat too much of).

So by Sunday evening you’ve way over eaten and you have to give yourself the “diet starts tomorrow” talk.

Monday to Friday repeats itself which leads to another weekend of uncontrolled eating.

Let’s look at it from a calorie example:

Your daily calorie intake is 1,500 kcals (for simplicity) to simply function and breathe and lose 1lb of fat per week. (That’s 10,500 kcals a week)

Monday to Friday you consume 1,000kcals per day, so you’ve under-eaten by 500kcals per day .

Come Saturday and Sunday, you blow out and consume 4,000 calories on Saturday followed by a further 3,000 kcals on Sunday.

You’ve now eaten 12,000 kcals which means you ain’t gonna drop fat.

So one easy step is to simply eat MORE during the week which will begin to reduce the urge to overeat at weekends. By starving yourself Monday – Friday, you’re causing your body to crave food for survival and once it gets a hit of some sugar at the weekend the flood gates open.

Understanding the principles of fat loss and how to structure a diet is what I strive to educate everyone with.

Once you know the fundamentals, it’s easier to understand the benefit of fuelling yourself with more food during the week and still being able to achieve fat loss.

If any of this has flown over your head, I apologise. Feel free to ask me anything you’d like to have clarified any further.

Peace out.

Colm “writing emails while eating sweet potato chips” Duignan

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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