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Why Your Diet Isn’t Going To Work For You


Today I’m going to address why you’re diet isn’t going to work for you.

So let’s look at a typical example.

  • You see a diet online that’s peddled by someone in shape and promises results.
  • They use words that create an emotional connection to you and convince you to buy their product.
  • You dive in, buy it and get sent a PDF of a meal plan.
  • That’s it, you’re giving this 100% effort, no excuses.
  • 5 Days later you’ve fallen off the wagon because the diet plan was the complete opposite of how you were previously eating.
  • You hated half the foods on it and you felt hungry and restricted which led to a binge eating episode.

And here’s why such diet plans don’t work for you.

“A diet plan will tell you HOW to eat, but it won’t address WHY you eat”

I do appreciate people’s desire and effort to change, however, they get let down by these plans.

A lot of standard diets will tell you what to eat and how to eat, but they never address WHY you eat.

And that’s the biggest driving force behind your current bodyweight and lifestyle.

Have you ever found yourself sitting on the couch munching through a pack of biscuits for now reason?

Everyone can eat perfectly from Monday to Friday but the weekend falls apart.

This is primarily because it’s a break of the midweek routine where everything is structured and you’re busy.

It can also be assumed that it’s down to more free time where you now have more “me” time which can lead to boredom/comfort eating if you’ve had a rough week/ few drinks to de-stress etc.

What to work on with your diet

A lot of junk food is consumed off the back of an emotional drive.

And this is why your standard diet plan fails you.

It takes time to get an understanding of yourself as to why you eat the way you do.

This needs to be worked on and simple strategies put in place to address it.

You will slip up and you’ll fall back to your old ways of eating.

But it’s about keeping it flexible so you don’t abandon ship completely.

It’s about keeping you on track while not holding a gun to your head until you eat all your brocolli.

Getting a better understanding on WHY you eat will benefit you far greater in the long run.

Because once you stop that diet plan, you’ll have addressed nothing else and slip back into your old habits.

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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