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Why You’re Being Scammed By Detox Diets


Sigh – it’s that time of year where everyone is shoving Detox diets in your face.

And it’s all down to playing on the fact that you may have overindulged at Christmas.

Right now, your digestion may not be running at full steam, you’re feeling bloated and groggy and maybe your pants are a little bit tighter.

So it can be easy to say “here, drink this magic lemon water and see the pounds fall off”.

Well first of all Betty, of course someone will lose weight if they only drink magic water and don’t eat food.

How Do Detoxes “Work”

For most detoxes, they get you to stop eating food in favour of drinking magic drinks.

Suddenly, you no longer have food volume sitting in your intestines.

You also dump a load of glycogen and water due to lack of carbs in your diet.

So now you have very low food volume/poop/water in your body.

Which all leads to a big drop on the scales.

While you may have lost “weight”.

It doesn’t actually mean you’ve lost any fat.

You’ve just been manipulated by a witch doctor and as soon as you go back eating food you gain the “weight” back.

Which all means one thing – the only thing a Detox diet makes lighter is your bank account!!!!

That’s the unfortunate truth.

Why They Don’t Work

Well first of all, in a 2009 investigation of 15 companies behind detox products could supply any evidence that they actually work!!  (2009 Investigation)

Not only that, but they couldn’t even confirm what “toxins” their product removed.

Yet they sell millions of these every year by smart marketing to people who would do anything to lose a few pounds.

Unfortunately, that person ends up out of pocket and back to where they started.

Let’s forget about Detox products for a second.

Our bodies are designed to remove toxins etc.

We have a liver, kidneys and lungs that work 24/7 our entire lives to do so.

And if it were a case that we ended up with toxic levels, well then, we’d be in hospital.

If you really want to “detox”, then you need to stop putting them into your body by eating shit.

Want to lose weight?

Maintain a calorie deficit, eat good food and exercise.

Avoid being conned into these marketing scams.

And if you want to avoid all the confusion and see real progress, you can take a trial here in Stronglife.

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Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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