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The Core Definition of StrongLife Gym

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The Core Definition Of StrongLife Gym:

  • I know you want to be able to live a life without being restricted with your diet and having to say no at every social event. 

(that person who only eats plain chicken with a leaf of lettuce is no craic, with our methods you’ll be able to enjoy foods you like without being a social bunion)

  • I understand you want a challenging workout but nothing that’s going to make you feel like you’re not able or makes you feel sick. 

(The quickest way for someone to give up is to make them feel like they’re inferior, unable or making them feel silly by throwing them in the deep end the very first day)

  • I know you want to enjoy it while still seeing great progress.

(not eating cardboard like foods while crying into a tupperware bowl)

  • I appreciate that you don’t want to live in fear of each session in case you get punished

(a.k.a sitting in the car for 10 minutes trying to convince yourself to go in and get your session done).

  • I know you want to feel at ease and be in a friendly environment while you train.

(Gyms can be very intimidating for newbies so I strive to make it fun on the first session)


As StrongLife evolves

I know I provide all of the above and with every week it keeps on improving.

My aim is that regardless if it’s your 1st or 500th day that you feel valued and you belong here.
I make sure that you get the work done but also have fun, meet new people and make friends.
Because if you can enjoy that 1 hour in here, then you’re more likely to keep on coming.
And that leads to consistency, which in the long run guarantees results.
It’s great to see our members are happy to help out the new people if they’re stuck while I’m busy.
We’re slowly building a thriving community here inside the gym.
And in time it will only get bigger and better.
Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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