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Cutting Out Food Groups – Why You Shouldn’t

cutting out food groups

So today I want to cover why you really shouldn’t be cutting out food groups as part of your weight loss goals.

Unfortunately, modern day diets are hounded at you left, right and centre on a daily basis, all promising the magical cure to your weight loss and physique goals.

The reality is, you’ve gained weight due to consistently consuming too many calories long term.

It hasn’t happened overnight, which means it’s not going to be undone rapidly.

However, one common thing coaches can do is tell you to eliminate a food group.

The primary example is generally Carbohydrates.

So straight off you’re told no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc.

Not only are carbs fine, they’re also damn tasty too!

So apart from eliminating a food group, you’re now adding a lot of stress and hardship to your life by having to stick to this really restrictive diet.

But what really happens when you eliminate a food group?

Your total Calorie Intake will drop.

By taking away Carbs (or dairy) you straight away remove a huge number of foods you can no longer consume.

Many of these are hyper-palatable (they’re tasty so you generally eat more of them) so by now banning them you remove the risk of overeating. This leads to your net weekly calorie intake being reduced which will result in weight loss.

My biggest issue here is – as soon as you introduce those foods back into your diet, you are going to gorge on them because you’ve been denied them for so long.

Which unfortunately means you’ll pack on a few pounds again.

Also, by removing carbs you will in turn drop quite a bit of water weight. Just because the scales goes down, doesn’t mean you’ve actually lost any fat.

The majority of people who are struggling with weight issues are dealing with a poor relationship with food.

As coaches, we need to educate them on improving food choices and developing a better understanding on nutrition, not by worsening their relationship with food, adding stress to their life and therefore actually making things harder for them in the long term, which will increase their chances of failure.

They then end up back at square one.

So let’s look at things in a far more realistic sense.

If you’re simply looking to lose some weight, tone up, feel better in your clothes and improve your overall health and wellbeing, don’t go cutting out food groups.

Instead, spend time working on controlling your calorie intake week on week.

Once you have this under control then work on improving your food sources within those calories.

You can continue to eat the foods you enjoy, you may just have to alter the composition of your meals to ensure long term success.

The #1 thing you must work on is creating a caloric deficit to elicit fat loss.

Once you really get a better understanding of this things begin to click into place.

So a final note is:

Your diet should be enhancing your life, health and well-being.

It shouldn’t be adding stress or making you feel like sh*t throughout.

The best diet is the one you can stick to long term.

You’re never going to live a life while dodging food groups.

Enjoy the food, enjoy the process.


Colm Duignan

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