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Considerations For Developing The Female Physique

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Today I want to run a few considerations for developing the female physique by you.

For many females, they crave that toned body.

You want rid of the bingo wings and love handles.

A flat stomach and nice legs.

And sure throw in a perky bum with no cellulite.

But could how you currently train and eat be stopping you from achieving that?

Having become a heavily female dominant gym over the last 18 months, there’s generally a common theme among ladies when it comes to building their physique.

They know what they want.

However, they’re total and utterly confused as to how to get there.

HIIT training, circuits, class after class, cardio, detoxes, diets. cleanses and magic juices.

It’s easy for your head to explode!

So today, I want to take a bit of time to try and guide you more in your pursuit of happiness with your body and health.

Developing Your Ideal Physique

Show me a lady who wouldn’t love a flat stomach, tight thighs and toned arms and I’ll show you a liar.

I’m not messing, I’ve trained so many girls the last 18 months that I question my own masculinity by now.

But let’s look at the goal of your ideal physique.

To attain that toned body, your #1 Goal is to add some muscle mass to your frame to give yourself those elusive curves.

Then drop your bodyfat levels to a point where the new muscle tissue becomes more visible, giving you that toned look.

How Do You Add Muscle Mass?

This is an area that terrifies girls.

The fear of becoming “too big” or “bulky” is genuine.

But here’s the deal – It takes a lot of effort, food and TIME before you suddenly become bulky.

And it’s a simple case that if you think a certain body part is getting too big for your own personal liking, then you cut back on training it a bit, cut your calories a little and you’ll start to shrink back.

But for 99% of people, that will never be an issue.

So building muscle mass?

In order to start to develop that crucial muscle mass to add to your physique, you must be eating MORE calories than you expend.

Terrifying I know. But I’ll cover why you should be cycling your training and dieting in a bit.

So to be able to grow new tissue, you must be eating enough to repair and grow that tissue.

If you’re constantly dieting then you’re very limited to how much muscle tissue you will actually add.

So your big winners for adding muscle mass:

  • Progressive weight training – as in, aiming to make progress with the weights you use on a weekly/monthly basis. Focusing on big movements like Squats, Deadlifts, Rows, Pulldowns and Benching will form the base of your program to maximise muscle mass. Then add in extra work to help sculpt your physique.
  • Protein Intake – by now, you surely have heard of the importance of protein. It’s crucial in the repair and growth of muscle tissue. Not only that, but it helps you control cravings better which should help you keep your diet together better. Aim for a minimum of 0.8g/kg of bodyweight to start with. If you really want to see progress, aim for upwards of 1.5g/kg.
  • Calorie Surplus – and here’s the big one. Once again I need to reiterate – You MUST be in a caloric surplus in order to grow new muscle tissue. Without it, you will find it very hard to add on the desired muscle mass to help you in your pursuit of getting that ideal physique.

(Beware, running too high of a calorie surplus can lead to fat gain. This is why you must do regular assessments to track progress. Gaining too quick – cut back your calories. Not seeing progress? Up them.)

Cutting Bodyfat Once You’ve Added Muscle

Not scared off yet by the idea of eating food and training for muscle addition?


So let’s say you’ve now accumulated some quality muscle tissue and you’re happy with your progress but you’d like to shed a bit of the timber now and get that super toned look.

So what do you do?

In order to drop bodyfat, you must now go from eating in a caloric surplus to a caloric deficit.

(I’m going to do a quick bit of phases shortly which will tie in with this)

But here we need to be careful.

Too harsh of a deficit will lead to loss of weight from both FAT and MUSCLE.

So once again, we need to preserve that muscle mass and maximise the fat loss.

Protein intake is essential here along with keeping up with your weight training.

Now creating a caloric deficit can be done 3 ways:

  • Cut calories
  • Increase daily energy expenditure
  • Mixture of both

I generally go with a mix of both.

No one likes being stuck to eating tiny amounts of food at each meal.

So by cutting your calories while also increasing your daily energy expenditure you’ll end up creating that deficit.

Energy expenditure can be in the form of additional cardio, HIIT sessions or simply becoming more active throughout your day E.g upping daily steps taking, throw in an extra walk etc.

Once again, regular assessments are required to assess progress and ensure that you’re A – making progress and B – not dropping weight too quickly which would likely mean loss of muscle mass.

How Do You Put It All Together?

One observation and recommendation I make is this –

Don’t Be Dieting 365 Days A Year!

So many girls chase diets after diets hoping for that magic one.

But with every period of dieting brings a stress to your body.

Your body fights diets as it prefers to stay in a state of homeostasis.

Now constantly trying to stay in a state of negative calorie balance (Diet) means your body never gets a chance to recover, to build itself back up and to be adequately fuelled.

And in the long run means loss of muscle mass, you still hold onto that stubborn layer of fat and those curves never come to fruition regardless of how many HIIT sessions you do.

What Should I Do??

Run Your Diets In Phases.

Need to drop some weight?

Yes, run a diet phase but have an end date.

You can look at dieting down for a period of 2-3 months.

But you need to break that phase then with a period where you maintain your new weight.

This way, your bodyweight will stabilise itself, you’re now feeding it adequate calories to maintain itself while not packing on weight again (that horrible rebound many get after diets because they’ve not been coached as to what to do).

Still need to lose more weight?

You can then look at running another diet phase.

Want to start adding muscle tissue?

You can look at now structuring your diet towards gaining muscle mass while minimising fat gain.

Once again, depending on current physique, you can set a timeframe on how long this phase will run and then bring it back to maintenance to level off.

What Might That Look Like In Reality?


September – November : Muscle Mass focus. Winter months are that bit easier to stay in the gym longer and also sneak in a bit more food.

December – Maintain bodyweight and limit the Xmas damage

January to April – Fat loss phase to strip off the excess and unleash your new body

May – Maintain weight

June to August – Depending on Holidays, weather and where you’re at with your physique, you may choose to do another short fat loss phase and then maintain.

In Conclusion

The aim of this is to shed some light on dieting and training for females.

So many want that killer body but through poor information or just winging it fail to see enough progress.

Dieting 12 months a year is in no ways healthy and probably highlights holes in your nutrition and relationship with food.

Until you begin to obey your nutrition and training, then you can’t expect to see the real results.

I would suggest you consider looking at your previous dieting history and look at what you can do to improve on it going forward.

Be honest with yourself.

There’s nothing worse than seeing people not making any progress and hopefully this has made some sense towards helping.

Any questions, just send them through to me and I’ll answer them.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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