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Are You Conscious Of Your Body In Public?


Let me ask you a question, are you conscious of your body when you’re in public?

Do you feel like people look at you because you’re overweight?

Or do you feel like your body doesn’t meet social perceptions?

Take a moment.

And then say “f*ck what others think”.

When it comes to weight loss, too many people fall into the trap of wanting their body to look the way that’s acceptable to others.

People are under pressure now to have their bodies conform to what social media portray as to how you’re meant to look.

Everywhere you look, there’s ripped abs, toned bodies and gorgeous people.

In reality, there’s drug use, terrible relationships with food and their body and a few have personalities of a used teabag.

I’ve had super slim girls ask to lose weight because the magazines told them they need to be a Size -300.

I literally had to almost fight them to get them to eat food and lift weights.

So when it comes to your weight, your body and how you view it, I want you to do 1 thing.

I want you to get a better understanding of what will make YOU happy.

No one else.

Just YOU.

So if right now, you’re currently unhappy with how you look or feel, then I want you to spend time to figure out what weight/size/shape you will feel happy in yourself.

Avoid doing anything to make others happy.

Feel like you need to lose weight?

Then do, but do so to improve your long term health, feel better in clothes and be proud of your own body.

You’ll have renewed levels of confidence which leads to a happier life.

But once again, make sure your goals match what you know will make you happy.

Not just to conform to social pressures and still leave you feeling miserable.

Life is too short to worry about other people’s judgements.

Spend more time working on yourself.

So today, I want you to spend time thinking:

“What will make ME really happy”

The set that goal, do some research on the best way to achieve it and then go for it.

Need to lose a few lbs, do it.

Want to look better naked, do it.

Just want to feel healthier, do it.

Motivation Is Nothing Without Action

To wrap up, we all get motivated to achieve something.

But the winners are the ones who take action.

So, it’s up to you if you want to be a winner or just stay where you are.

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Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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