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We’re into the middle of August now, so for a lot of people it means they’re winding down over the last few weeks of summer. Come September, people are generally getting back into routine which also means they’ll be getting serious about their health and fitness too. So today, I want to give you a heads up on what is going to be coming soon to StrongLife Gym.

So without any delay, here’s what’s going to be launched in the next few weeks:

1 – Learn To Lift Workshop

In September, I’m looking to run a 2 hour workshop to teach you the fundamental movements required to be successful in the gym.

What you will get:

  • A full movement screen and warm up to eliminate risk of injury and to also assess your suitability to certain lifts.
  • 1.5 hour practical where we will cover everything from the basics to the more advanced exercise techniques on all the main lifts and variations (Squat, Bench, Deadlift, KB Swing etc.)
  • A short Q&A to cover any topics or questions you would like answered
  • All attendees will get a free 6 week training program to run in their own gym following the workshop

The workshop will more than likely run on a Saturday afternoon. More details will be posted closer to the time.

You can register your interest by sending an email to


2 – The 12 In 12 : Lose Up To 12 Inches in 12 Weeks

We’re looking for 6 people who want to make dramatic physical changes and transform themselves on our 12 In 12 Program.

Our 2 phase training and nutrition program will help you lose up to 12 inches off your body all in good time for the Christmas parties and occasions. Imagine fitting into your nice clothes or even having to buy a new wardrobe?

You must be able to train 3 times a week and you must be willing to track your food intake honestly so we can ensure you achieve great results.

It’s going to be kicking off on the 5th of September.


3 – 12 Week Strength and Conditioning Program

Looking to develop a more powerful and athletic physique?

We are launching a full comprehensive 12 week Strength and Conditioning program to 8 lads looking to become stronger and more powerful throughout this winter.

Perfect for any GAA lads or general people who partake in sports who need a bit more strength, power and athleticism.

Again, it’as going to kick off on the 5th of September so the program is wrapped up before the craziness of Christmas kicks in.


There’s a few other projects that I’m looking at running like getting a Bootcamp up and running for 2 mornings a week, our 6 Week Bodyfat Blitz will be taking in new people at the start of each month and there’s also the possibility of a Nutrition Seminar also (I’ve a wedding and powerlifting competition so trying to fit all in around them).

If you would like to know any more on the above programs, feel free to get in touch.

Have a good Monday.



Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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