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Does Your Clothes Size Dictate How You View Your Body?


Does Your Clothes Size Dictate How You Feel About Your Body?

This one is quite relevant for the ladies but also for a few of us men.

So, do you determine how you feel about your body purely because of what size clothes you can “fit” into?

It’s a common theme among ladies yet it rarely gets talked about.

If you can’t squeeze into a size 8 or 10, then you automatically class yourself as fat.

Yet this doesn’t take into consideration any of these things:

– How healthy you are
– How good you feel
– Your actual bone structure
– How good you look

You shouldn’t allow the way you feel or view yourself to be dictated by an irrelevant number on clothes or on a scales.

You shouldn’t allow social media, celebrities or magazines tell you that you’re “too big” just because you don’t fit into their views of what size women should be.

For us fellas, there’s always that alarm bell when we go shopping and need to go up a jeans size.

We won’t really talk about it much but consciously we know those extra few slices of cheesecake might not have been a good idea.

For the ladies, the changing room can be a place where it will either make or break you.

You dread it when the jeans won’t clothes or that top is too tight and it completely ruins you emotionally and mentally.

This one piece of fabric can have such an influence on the way you perceive your body.

And it really shouldn’t be the case.

All these “standards” have been forced down your throat from designers and “fashion” moguls.

Unfortunately, they seem to have far too much of an influence on young girls which follows them into later life.

So try to work on caring about yourself more.

Never let anything or anyone alter the way you perceive your body.

Yes, if you need to lose a few lbs do so to benefit your own health and well-being and to feel great in yourself.

Don’t do it just so you can squeeze into those new jeans to show Betty you’re now wearing size 8’s.

The sooner you let go of the fake standards imposed upon you, the sooner you’ll start to look at yourself in a better light.

And then you will appreciate yourself more and lead to a happier you.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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