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Clothes Shopping Would Ruin My Mood


On Saturday, I was reminded about how much I used to hate going clothes shopping.

Fiona was telling me about how much of a difference she’s feeling training here in StrongLife and one of the things she mentioned was:

“I feel a lot better about going into a changing room to try on clothes which can be a make or break for my mood.”

And it’s something I had forgotten about when it comes to being unhappy with your body.

Walking into that changing room with the clothes you really like.

Only to try them on and they hug too tight around those damn problem areas (man boobs, love handles etc.)

It’s probably one of the quickest ways to absolutely kill your mood.

You put the clothes back because you know too well that if you bought them they’d never get worn.

You know how conscious you’d be of yourself when you’d be in public wearing them.

Instead, you pick up a “baggy” top to cover up and head on home feeling like sh*t.

You’d love to buy those nice clothes.

You’d love to be able to shop in those really nice shops. 

You’d love to feel confident no matter what clothes you had on (or no clothes on).

One place that used to depress me no end was River Island.

All the lads could shop there but nothing in there would ever look good on me.

It was the one place I’d even feel embarrassed to be seen in.

Nowadays, I get to browse through all the clothes knowing I can find plenty of stuff I’ll be happy with.

And the beauty about training and working on myself over the last few years is that even if something doesn’t look good on me, it won’t ruin my day.

I’ll just say “f*ck it” and move on. (instead of eating a tub of ice cream in sorrow).

Training isn’t all about looking macho to impress girls.

It’s about building a stronger mentality and overcoming sh*t that used to really ruin your day.

The more of those you overcome, the stronger you will be both mentally and physically.

The less things will get you down.

The more times you’ll be able to pick yourself up.

Training and nutrition will build you a better body which will lead to giving you a stronger mind.

Now can anyone recommend somewhere that sells good quality socks?

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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