The 6 Week

 Christmas Slimdown

Slim down, tone up, and fit back into your favourite clothes for Christmas…

Without starvation diets, running the roads, 

or giving up wine and chocolate.



“I had already put on 1 ½ stone since the first lockdown in March, and I needed to do something before it got out of hand.

So I signed up for Colm’s six-week challenge.

I can only say good things about my experience with the program. 

Throughout the challenge, we had evening check-ins and private chats on Sundays.

From the first day, I was focused and looking forward to getting results. I did the daily steps, drank the water, and even did all the workouts. 

I now know that with working out, walking, and counting calories, the lbs will fall off!

I’ve signed up for another six weeks and I am looking forward to seeing what more I can achieve.

I would highly recommend Colm to anyone looking to get themselves fitter, he really does know what he is talking about.”

Jane Doe

Over the previous 5 years, I'd managed to gain approximately 4 stone thanks to a combination of becoming too comfortable, 'giving up' on myself a bit, plus stress and medication related to a medical issue.

I was determined to get back in shape for health reasons and becoming a mum again at 42.

Colm was so welcoming, kind, and supportive throughout.

He kept a close eye on me to ensure that
I never did any exercises that my body
wasn’t ready for.

I've lost 4 stone since July through a combination of gym work and healthy eating.

Everyone in the gym is so nice and supportive and it’s a really positive environment.  I'm so glad that I took the plunge.”

If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say you've already tried:

- The trendy diets that promise big results, only to be left so hungry you dive headfirst into the nearest bag of Maltesers, and end up putting  all the weight back on.

- Joining the local HIIT class only to be smashed through workouts without ever having any exercise coaching, tutorials, check-ins, or support.

- Pounding the roads every week to try and shift those stubborn back rolls, only to end up with back pain, sore knees, and even less energy than when you started.


How does everyone on social media make it seem so easy?

And how do they manage to find the time around work, kids, and keeping the house in order?

You’d love to be slim, confident, and feel good in your clothes again.

Yet, whatever you try, nothing seems to work.

See, lifestyle change is hard, especially long term.

And even though we know what we should be doing to get in shape, 
we still end up skipping the exercise, overindulging on crisps, 
or end up frustrated with ourselves for not eating as healthy as we should.

But I want to tell you that it’s 100% possible.


And that’s why you’re here - to break the cycle.

To break free from the stop/start diets and exercise routines.

To build healthy habits that you can stick with for life.

And to finally build a strong, fit, and fabulous body that makes you feel proud in your own skin.

That’s why I developed the:

The 6 Week Slimdown

The 6 Week Slimdown’ is a healthy lifestyle challenge to help people shed unwanted Ibs, slip back into
their nice clothes, and finally see the results they crave so much.

Here's what the 6 Week Slimdown gives you:

✅ 3 new workouts every week to keep you motivated and moving
(the home workouts take no more than 25 mins)

✅ Workouts designed to be done with or without equipment, and to suit all fitness levels

✅ Weekly food tasks and step challenges to build better habits and boost results

✅ Video tutorials for every workout meaning you won’t be left confused or unsure of what to do, and can do it at a time that suits you best (especially if you work shifts)

✅ Nutritional guidelines and advice throughout to help see progress, and keep results long-term

✅ Daily check-ins via a Private Facebook Group to keep you accountable

✅ Weekly private check-ins via messenger to assess your week and make adjustments where needed

And more...

Plus, you can pick between the Home Slimdown or the Gym Slimdown:


✅ Home Workouts  delivered via our coaching app
(can be done with or without weights)
✅ Full video tutorials for all exercises
✅ Daily Step Targets to keep active

✅ Food And Habit tasks
✅ Nutritional Education and Support
✅ Private Facebook Group For Daily Accountability
✅ Weekly Private Check-ins


The Gym Slimdown

 ✅ 3 Gym Workouts Per Week Designed To Suit Your Fitness Levels  and Abilities 
✅ Fully PT Coached Gym Sessions Here In Boyle
✅ We'll teach You How To Do All The Exercises

✅ Full progressions On Strength Exercises Throughout
 ✅Daily Step Targets to keep active
✅ Nutritional Education and Support
✅ Private Facebook Group For Daily Accountability
 ✅Weekly Private Check-ins


Not convinced?

Well, here are a few more 'Slimdown Success Stories' to help you make a decision:


“ I was stuck in a routine of comfort eating and not being active. And just over a year ago, I was on the opposite side of the coin. 

I was underweight, obsessed with calories, felt under pressure to be “skinny” and had a poor relationship with food.

So bad that I ended up in the HDU in hospital as a result of not eating. I went from one extreme to another.

And a year on from that I found myself stuck in a sluggish routine that involved overeating (lots of takeaways & bad choices of food) along with zero exercise, and poor sleeping habits.

Worst of all, I was beginning to see the excess weight creep up on me - I went from 123lbs to 146lbs in a year.

I wanted my weight to be somewhere in between these two but more importantly, I wanted to feel fit, healthy, and happy in my body. 

When I saw Colm’s 6-week program I thought it was exactly what I needed! 

From the get-go, I enjoyed the 6-week challenge. I loved the home workouts (with video tutorials) and the healthier eating. 

Our weeks were always different with new exercises & daily challenges. I loved the structure, check-ins, and routine as I found it kept me very motivated. 

His 6-week program is honestly one of the best things I have done for myself both physically and mentally. 

Yes I lost 10.5lbs but I’m happy to be able to celebrate feeling fitter and healthier.  I feel I’ve finally found a program that is sustainable and I can easily implement into my daily routine.

I highly recommend The 6-week program to anyone who is looking to lose weight, tone up, get fit & healthier."


“I’d tried numerous fad diets in the past, but nothing ever worked long term.

I’m a mother, a full-time worker and currently completing a course in the evenings too, so exercise classes or going to a gym wasn’t an option.

I wasn’t liking what was showing up on the scales and knew I needed to make a change.

I happened to meet a lady I knew who looked like she had lost quite a bit of weight.

She told me about Colm and what she was doing and how easy she was finding his online plan.

So, I took the plunge and signed up.

It’s been so easy to follow…And it works!

We set some daily activity levels to meet each day that suited my work/life balance, I followed his home workouts that took no more than 20-25 minutes, and he was always at hand to help me understand my food intake.

And I’m delighted to say that I’ve lost 21lbs so far.

I feel so much better in my clothes, I really enjoy getting my walks in when it fits into my free time each day.

Having the support from Colm on a daily basis was a turning point for me,

The difference for me was being able to be open and honest with Colm.

He never judged, he would help me shake off the negative thoughts, and get me focused for the next day, or maybe next week if it really was a bad week.

I think when it comes to women, nothing surprises him anymore.

He’s so supportive, a great mentor, and always up for a laugh."


"This is the lightest I've been in over 20 years!!"

Since April last year, Helen has worked with me online to help shed the lbs, build a better routine, and create a healthier lifestyle.

Today, she's down 38lbs (17.4kg) to a weight she hasn't seen in over 20 years.

She's definitely a great woman to showcase that it's always possible to roll back the years and feel amazing for it.

Now, she did put in the work too.

She adopted new daily habits, made getting her walks in a priority, restructured her diet, and most of all...

Stayed consistent.

The best thing about this is that not only has Helen dropped 38lbs, but she's kept it off.

Within a world of quick-fix diets and plans, she has made sure her progress and results are here to stay.

She turns up every day, gets her tasks done, and is still reaping the benefits of it all over a year later.

So, amazing work Helen and I'm glad to have played a part in it all.

Jane Doe

“I was very fortunate to have found Colm online.

I started my six-week adventure three stone overweight.

I learned a lot - the amount of good and bad food I overate, the number of calories in food, portion size, how little water I was drinking, and how weak I had felt.

All his support, encouragement, wonderful videos, and daily check-ins made a big difference to me.

After six months, I’ve built the habit of eating healthier, being more conscious of calories, drinking 2L of water daily, along with strength training 3 times a week (30 min sessions).

And since April, I’ve lost 41.6 pounds (2.97 stone)!

I feel like a completely different person.

I’m amazed by how much my body has gotten stronger and that it all occurred by committing one day at a time each day.

I would encourage you to contact Colm and join one of his groups.

The fact that each day you’ve to check-in and you can read how everyone else is coping is really worthwhile and was the reason I kept going.

You deserve to feel lighter and stronger in body and in your mind.”


“I had made every effort to lose weight after the birth of my baby at the end of 2020.

Initially, I had some success but ended up needing to have surgery over the summer.

The recovery from that demotivated me and I ended up gaining back a lot of the weight I had lost.

And that left me feeling so frustrated and deflated.

Luckily, I had previously trained with Colm and knew how knowledgeable he is about training, especially while rehabbing from surgery.

So it made total sense to sign up for his 6-week program.

The workouts were great, the time they took to complete meant they were easily incorporated into my day, and the videos meant they were easy to follow.

And I feel so delighted to have dropped 12.5lbs and 9.5 inches from around my tummy and hips over the course of the 6 Week Slimdown.

I would recommend Colm’s program for anyone who wants to be motivated to lose weight or get fitter.

Between the daily check-ins, private check-ins every Sunday, I found I was able to work through any concerns or issues quickly."


“Six weeks ago I signed up to Colm's 6-week slimdown challenge with the hope of shedding a few unwanted post-baby pounds. 

Fast forward to the end of the 6 weeks and I have lost 11lbs, I couldn't be happier. 

Colm was so supportive throughout the 6 weeks and checked in every day which made me accountable for my steps, workouts, food and water intake. 

I found the online workouts great.

I didn't have to make time to try to leave for the gym, I was able to work them around the kids and sometimes they even joined in too which they found great fun. 

Being a busy mum, I was always tired with no energy whereas now I have tonnes of energy and feel like I am able to get so much more out of my day. 

I am so happy to have signed up and so grateful for all the help. Thank you”.

As a reminder, here are your options:


✅ Home Workouts  delivered via our coaching app
(can be done with or without weights)
✅ Full video tutorials for all exercises
✅ Daily Step Targets to keep active

✅ Food And Habit tasks
✅ Nutritional Education and Support
✅ Private Facebook Group For Daily Accountability
✅ Weekly Private Check-ins


The Gym Slimdown

 ✅ 3 Gym Workouts Per Week Designed To Suit Your Fitness Levels  and Abilities 
✅ Fully PT Coached Gym Sessions Here In Boyle
✅ We'll teach You How To Do All The Exercises

✅ Full progressions On Strength Exercises Throughout
 ✅Daily Step Targets to keep active
✅ Nutritional Education and Support
✅ Private Facebook Group For Daily Accountability
 ✅Weekly Private Check-ins


If you want to take advantage NOW, you need to act.

One final thing. Let me ask you this:

How would it feel to finally shift those unwanted lbs,

be able to wear everything in your wardrobe, and love the body you’re in?

And how would it feel to make the perfect headstart towards your fitness goals without starving yourself, doing hours of cardio, or giving up dinners with friends/family?

Like the sound of that?

Then you know what to do.

Apply here: