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Chocolate – I’m Like Fr. Ted In The Lingerie Department

Is it just me, or is it getting harder to come out of a shop without a bar of chocolate?
Everywhere you turn in a shop, there’s bars, biscuits and sweets all in your vision.
And they all seem to be on offer these days which makes it easier to give in and buy it.
And because of these offers, it “makes more sense” to buy the big bar because it works out so much cheaper than the small one. Economics 101.
I went in to buy some spinach the other day and there’s now a basket full of chocolate bars on offer both sides of the Fruit n Veg section.
I swear I need to have a William Wallace style chat to myself in the car before going in so I don’t pick up anything.
Some day’s I’ll even through on the kilt, paint my face blue just for the added touch of realism. It even draws so much attention in the shops I’m too conscious to buy chocolate then. Win-Win. (and yes, I go full scottish if you know what I mean)
Unfortunately, product placement is there to make you purchase.
There’s no longer a “sweets aisle”. Instead, they’re scattered throughout the shop so no matter where you turn, there’s no way of avoiding it.
It can be like that episode of Fr. Ted where they get stuck in the biggest lingerie department.
Except for I’m not a priest and apparently I’m barred from Penney’s.
So if you struggle with the temptation, then do your best to build your will power.

Can Dale Winton Really Stop You Buying Chocolate?

 Next time you’re going into the shop, put some blinkers on.
Then run into the shop like Dale Winton is chasing you in Supermarket Sweep and he’s going to cover you in fake tan and a dodgy jumper if you get caught buying sweets.
This is a scientifically proven method at reducing your chances of buying sweets.
Happy friday.
Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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