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Helping Chloe Pass Her Garda Fitness Exam

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Last Saturday, I got the great news that Chloe aced her Garda fitness exam.

Now if you don’t know Chloe, I’ll tell you a bit about her.

She hails from the greatest family to ever come out of Cloonloo.

Whether you need a rendition of “You Raise Me Up” by Westlife at 1am or you need someone to drive the train to Dublin, there the ones to call on.

Like many, Chloe has taken a shot at a change of career and join An Garda Síochána.

And as part of the exam process comes the dreaded fitness test.

It’s the final step before being accepted.

Depending on age category, the assessment requirement changes.

It’s a combination of pushups, situps, beep test and a strength test.

But before I go on any more, here’s Chloe:

Preparing For The Garda Fitness With StrongLife

As part of my final stage regarding becoming a successful candidate for becoming a member of An Garda Siochana, I had to pass a fitness test which covered cardio fitness and upper body strength.

Coming from such a small town, I heard Colm in StrongLife had a 100% pass rate from fellow successful candidates.

Personally, I get bored easily when training in gyms and I needed someone who would push me to my limits and provide me with a personal programme to reach these limits.

On my first gym session, Colm tested my situps, press ups and upper body strength so he could see where my fitness levels were at.

He then provided a programme with a range of different exercises which I done and attended the gym 3 days a week.

At the end of each week he would retest me to be sure I was reaching my goals.

On the days you would feel like giving up and not pushing yourself anymore, you can be guaranteed Colm would always be there with huge motivation and pushing you to keep going.

It’s exactly what I needed!

The equipment was amazing and you could always ask questions regarding exercises or equipment no matter how stupid they may have been.

The good laughs while training always made it that much easier too.

It wasn’t all about the strength, the programme mixed up cardio which I needed to build up for my beep test, the stage I was most worried about.

When starting Stronglife training, just 3 weeks before my test I was reaching 5.5 but by then of training I happily, without feeling tired, reached my limit of 7.6. 

For those candidates awaiting their fitness exam date and need training, I can highly recommend Colm at StrongLife.

You can be sure with your determination, his hard work and motivation, you will be sure to pass.

I cannot than Colm enough for all his help and hard work with me.

Personally, I know that without Colm and StrongLife Gym I would not have been successful in my fitness test.

Once again, thanks.

The 100% Pass Rate Continues

To be fair, Chloe made it a lot easier for me.

She had already been putting in the work before coming to me.

It was just a case of fine tuning her techniques and ramp up her fitness.

And of course my aim was to give her confidence going into the exam.

Like any tests, nerves can play a part.

So if she was well prepared then it meant less stress on the day.

And it was great to get the happy message saying she passed it with flying colours.

Every session was always good fun as always which makes training more fun.

She worked hard and done everything that was asked of her.

So it’s always great to see someone succeed from putting the work in.

Well done Chloe and all the best for the new career!


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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