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Charity Fundraiser – Sled Marathon – October 21st

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On October 21st, we’re hosting a charity fundraiser Sled Marathon.

All proceeds will be donated to 2 very great causes – Niamh’s Journey There and The Irish Cancer Society.

First of all, here’s a bit more about local girl Niamh Flanagan and her fundraising campaign:

Niamh is a 19 year old girl from Boyle who has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in her left pelvic bone. She’s been writing a great blog throughout which you can find here: Niamh’s Journey There or you can catch it over on Facebook.

She has shown tremendous courage throughout her treatment, but like any treatment, it’s very expensive so there has been fantastic fundraising campaigns done throughout Boyle and the surrounding areas.

My hope is to be able contribute in any way possible to her campaign.

So on October 21st, I’m organising a Sled Marathon.

What Is A Sled Marathon?

So first of all, a sled is one of these:


They’re a conditioning tool we use in the gym for added cardio and fat loss.

If anyone has pushed one a few times, you’ll know how tough they are!

So a Marathon is 26.2 miles long.

That’s 42,164 metres.

In the gym, I’ve a 20m astro turf track.

So in order to complete a marathon, we need to do 2,108 (20 metre) sled pushes!

How Is It Going To Work?

Thanks to having great people here in the gym, they’ve jumped at the chance to help out.

However, it is a tough challenge and we’d love to get the community involved to complete it in 3 hours or less!

So right now, the plan is this:

  • 2 Sleds running on 2 tracks.
  • 2 x Teams of 6 people per 15 minutes
  • Each team continues to push the sled in a relay fashion to give everyone adequate recovery and ensure we keep that sled moving!
  • Every 15 minutes teams will be swapped out and we update the total number of pushes on a whiteboard to keep track.
  • We keep on pushing until we hit that 2,108th push!

It’s going to kick off at 10am on Saturday October 21st.

We’re finalising the StrongLife teams by Wednesday and aim to start fundraising this week.

So, we’d love to get any sport teams involved also.

All you need to do is get a team of 6 people together and call in for the 15 minute shift.

Want to take part, contact me on

I’ll be arranging times for each team then to make sure you’re not standing around all day.

Want to do more than one 15 minute shift?

You’re more than welcome to!

There will be a donation collection on the day and we’d greatly appreciate if everyone taking part can contribute be it small or large, there’s no pressure.

Over the coming week, I’m going to work on adding in some extras to make it a fun event!

So keep an eye on the StrongLife Facebook page for updates.

Feel free to spread the word.



Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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