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Be The Change You Want To See In The World


Last week, I had a chat with one of my clients in our 7am session.

Being honest, our conversations literally could lead anywhere.

But one thing she mentioned was how she listened to a podcast on her way over.

And the quote that really hit home for her was:

“Be the change you want to see in the world”.

It kicked off a deeper conversation, one that I’ve had regularly over the last few months.

We Seek Change, But Do We Action It?

On a daily basis, I open my social media platforms.

And every single day, I see ‘shares’ of posts about changing the world.

Whether it’s plastic in the ocean, climate change, veganism, genders, politics, homelessness etc, it’s there, every day.

There’s comments, shares and likes.

But little action.

There’s people tearing each other to shreds in arguments on forums of comment sections.

The non-stop dictation of how and what we need to do to improve the environment, the planet or our own help.

It seems like everyone suddenly belongs to their own camps, and vehemently oppose those in the opposite camps.

If you were to just look at the arguments online, you’d suddenly think that the entire planet is at war.

It almost looks like we all hate each other.

Yet in reality, have we really changed much?

We share so much online to show that we’re aware of it, but do we get up and put it into action?

Or do we share it to fulfil our social morals and then just hope someone else is out there doing it?

Be The Change You Want To See

Back when starting out in business, some of the mentors I looked up always said this:

“Talk less, do more”.

It’s all good and well talking about things.

“I’m going to set up my own business”.

“I’m going to eat healthier and lose weight”.

“This year I’ll run a marathon”.

“We need to stop ruining our beaches with plastics”.

“Everyone needs to go vegan”.

Etc. etc.

They’re all positive statements that signal a desired change.

But without action, they simply remain just that, positive statements.

So we should put more emphasis on action instead of talk.

If we really want to make change, then the best practice is through action.


Start your own business? Write a business plan and speak to a bank about finance.

Want to lose weight? Stock up your house with healthy food and stick to your diet.

Run a marathon? Put on your running shoes and start by running 1km, then 2km, then 3km until you hit the marathon.

Plastic an issue? Reduce your usage, recycle, don’t litter and volunteer at beach cleanups.

Feel like everyone should be vegan? Then build yourself a healthy lifestyle with it and let people see how beneficial it is.

And volunteer at shelters to help those in need.

Take Action To Elicit Change

By focusing on becoming the change, you’ll offer a greater influence.

But if you spend more time on social media arguing with strangers, then you’ll spend less time actually putting it all into action.

And without action, change cannot come to fruition.

So while it can be good to highlight issues in the world online, it’s what we do offline that makes the difference.

Change doesn’t need to come on a global scale.

While we would love to see all the issues in the world resolved together, we should focus more on ourselves.

Each day, we can just do the simple things in our own personal environment.

If we focus more on helping our own communities then we can make a big change in a small area.

And if everyone took the same approach, then we would soon seen that change become much bigger.


So, should we still focus on highlighting issues online?

Or should we focus more on becoming the change we want to see in the world?

Should we wait for someone else to do it, or should we become more socially responsible?

If we start by doing small things each day, we can make big changes in the long term.

Look after one another, look after our environment.

Gossip less, converse more.

Respect those around you and spend less time arguing online.



Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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