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How Cassandra Became The Strongest Girl In The Gym


Meet Cassandra Battles, the strongest girl in StrongLife Gym.

Now Cassandra didn’t join here to lift big weights or become super strong.

It kind of just slowly happened.

See, just over a year ago, Cassandra got in touch as she had had twins in early 2018.

For many new moms, she wanted to lose some of the baby weight and get back into old clothes.

And she actually done amazing in her first few weeks.

So much so, I wrote an article on her a year ago, here:

How Cassandra Lost A Stone

After he initial weight loss, she stayed here training.

Then around March/April this year I noticed she was starting to add more plates to the bar.

And that’s when she admitted to enjoying seeing her strength going up.

Before I go any further, let’s hear from Cassandra herself.

Initially, you joined to lose weight after having twins, but now you’ve become renowned for being strong. So when did you start to notice you liked lifting heavy?

“I realised I liked lifting heavy when I started to notice how much stronger I felt.

It was actually slightly addictive, you just want to keep pushing yourself to do better and lift heavier.

Or maybe that was me being stubborn?

Life can be hectic for everyone, so for me, coming to the gym and lifting weights was my escape.

It helps clear your mind because you’re focusing on the weights.

What I also like about lifting heavy is that fact that you’re not breaking a massive sweat like some other sports but you are still working your body really hard and seeing massive progress.”

What reservations or worries had you about lifting weights and pushing yourself?

“When I started lifting heavier weights, there is always the worry of not being able to get back up in a Squat.

I still get a little anxious before Squatting or Benching a new weight but it is really rewarding to push through it.

Colm is always there to help with Squats and Benching so you’re in good hands”.

What big progress have you seen?

“Throughout the past year, we set different targets which have gone really well.

Reaching my 100kg Squat target before Christmas was great.

To be honest, I think I started laughing when Colm set this target for me!

Yet I achieved it and he tells me I’m the strongest girl in the gym now.

I’m looking forward to next year and hopefully I can reach some more targets.

Colm has been great with keeping me motivated.

He’s always a bit of craic and that really helps.”

Now that you’re the strongest girl in the gym, what would you say to someone thinking about strength training?

“I would say go for it!

Aside form all the health benefits and building muscle, it has been very mentally rewarding for me.

It is a real mood booster when you set targets for certain weights and you reach them.

Colm is very professional and helps with your technique, he will never push you into something you’re not comfortable doing either.

If you love a good challenge and are a little stubborn, then you will really enjoy strength training!”.


Coaching Cassandra

I say this a lot, but Cassandra is without doubt one of the easiest people to train.

Even with twins under 2 years, she strolls into the gym to get her training done.

If she’s ever unsure of something she will always come and ask.

But 99% of the time, she just turns up weekly, loads up the bar and gets to work.

Even the day she squatted 100kg, I got pure excited for her, yet she turned to me and asked “is that good?”.

Throughout the year, small technical adjustments transformed her lifting and she finishes 2019 with a 100kg Squat, 56.5kg Bench press and a 127.5kg Deadlift.

Although she’s going from strength to strength, she’s also changing physically too.

She has spent the last few months trying to keep her pants pulled up as they’re now too loose, which is always a welcome to ladies!

If there was a Lifter of the Year trophy here in the gym, Cassandra would win it.

She puts in the work without any question and that’s how she’s the strongest in here.

Maybe I’ll have to start it in 2020?

Well done Cassandra, enjoy Christmas and you know too well what I’ve planned for you in 2020!



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Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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