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The Case For Why A Boring Diet May Be Best

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So let’s take a look as to why a boring diet may actually be best for you.

If you’ve had any interest in weight loss over the last 2 years, you’ll have seen so many cookbooks.

Whether they’re by Joe Wicks or the huge amount of ebooks full of recipes available.

But if you’re like me, you might not see yourself as much of a chef.

Personally, if it takes ‘prep’ and longer than 30 minutes to cook, then it’s not gonna happen too often.

So should we be looking for a huge variety in our types of meals?

Or is there a case for a more ‘boring’ diet?

Do We Work Better Off Routine

As humans, we’re generally creatures of habit.

If you were to analyse your own day-to-day life, you will see a pattern of routines.

Maybe you have a certain order of how you do things in the bathroom each morning.

Or maybe there’s little things you do consistently before work etc.

There’s a certain level of OCD in us all I think.

Do you leave the TV and Radio on odd numbers or MUST it be on even?

Or if you’re weird like me, you’ll have a routine as to how to eat your dinner.

(veg first then move onto meats).

So building more of a structure and routine into our day may help a lot.

Why A Boring Diet May Work

So is following a more boring diet better since we can build a routine?

Now when I say boring, I don’t mean eating cardboard.

But when it comes to dieting, we can be much better off knowing what we are eating and when without really putting much thought into it.

You can build your diet into your daily routine.

We can do so by consistently having similar foods.

Say for example, you have 2 different breakfasts and lunches.

You can then alternate them day by day, week by week.

The for dinner, you can stick to having the same type of dinners.

Or if you prefer a little variety you can then use dinner as the one where you get creative.

It just means you’re limiting the amount of time you have to spend thinking and planning meals.

So with very little thought, you know what you’re having for your meals.

Because if every week you have to keep buying in sauces, spices and several different types of veg/meats to keep making fancy dishes, at some point you’ll pack it in and order pizza!

Build A Routine

By building a consistent routine, we leave less to chance.

We know our meals and times and we have to use less decision making.

Because the hungrier we get, the more rash decisions we make.

So by having a good routine you’ll already know what you’re having when you get hangry.

Couple that in with the fact that you don’t have to spend an hour in the supermarket trying to find that one fecking thing on the recipe list!

One of the main benefits of building such a routine is weekends.

During the week, your work hours generally dictate your meal times and limits idle time.

But at weekends you’re free and that’s when a lot of boredom snacking happens.

Calories soon clock up which can halt your weight loss efforts.

Or maybe you choose to completely blow the arse out of it at weekends!

Either way, the lack of routine can impact your efforts.

So what I do advise is to try and at least plan your meals in advance so you’ve some form of structure.

If you have your main meals covered the all you’ve left to make a conscious effort on are snacks/junk food.

Becoming more aware and conscious helps and at least you can still enjoy some treats without wrecking your progress.

So maybe having a diet like Fr. Stone can be of benefit?

No harm trying it.



Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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