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How Carmel Got Strong In 6 Weeks


6 weeks ago Carmel signed up to coaching here as she needed direction in her training.

She was going to the gym but only winging it and sticking to stuff she liked.

As she’s an avid GAA player and fan, she wanted to use the gym to build more strength and power.

But it was knowing what she should be focusing on that held her back.

A lot of people go into the gym and just put together workouts on the day.

But it’s been proven time and time again that having a laid out training plan helps massively.

Getting Strong In 6 Weeks

For Carmel, she had been doing gym work consistently, but knew herself she wasn’t pushing herself.

In her first session here, I knew she had great potential and after a few technical adjustments, she nailed her lifting.

When it came to Deadlifts, she didn’t know if she was doing them right and never went past 60kg in her old gym.

Yet, this evening she hit 117.5kg.

So from being unsure of doing 60kg she suddenly went and pulled 117.5kg 6 weeks later.

That’s a ridiculous improvement in a short time and it’s a testament to her consistency.

She’s worked hard on her lifting and it’s paying off massively.

She turns up every week, never complains and just gets the work done.

And it’s always fantastic to see someones training and effort pay off.

Now to set some goals for her next training cycle and see those numbers fly up more.

(She also only learned how to Sumo deadlift 6 weeks ago and hits 100kg for doubles at it).

It’s been great watching Carmel progress so quickly.

And I can’t wait to see what her next training plan brings in terms of further success.

Well done Carmel.

Up Galway! (and Leitrim).

P.s. If you’re stuck for direction in your current training, I offer training plans right here:

Training Plans – Online

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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