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Do You Advocate Calorie Counting For Clients?


So yesterday, I had a friend ask “do you advocate calorie counting”?

And to be honest, I do and I don’t.

When it comes to monitoring energy balance and weight loss, strategies vary based on the client.

For the majority of people, I will advise them to track their food intake on a calorie counter for 2 weeks.

I see it as a massively valuable exercise for both me and the client.

The client takes responsibility for tracking their food intake which leads to two results:

  1. They begin to realise just how much they’ve been eating and will see where they’ve been slipping. A great way to take account of where you’re currently at and how to start making good changes.
  2. I get to see how committed they are to making a change – hiding foods and not logging them or just straight up not arsed tracking generally gives a bit of insight of how things will go.

So yes, I would be an advocate of calorie counting.

Because once we obtain a calorie deficit and ideal protein intake, you can almost guarantee you’ll be shedding fat, getting lean and rocking a new body in the future.

Do I Prescribe Calorie Counting To Everyone?

No. It’s down to each individual.

I have carpenters who spend all day up on a roof of a house.

And if I were to tell them to log all their food in MyFitnessPal then that phone would be launched straight down the field by lunchtime on a Monday!

Or for “older” people who wouldn’t be as tech savvy. There’s no point stressing them out with apps.

Instead, I focus on getting them to be more conscious of what they’re eating, reduce the snacks and then track progress on a weekly basis.

Then there’s plenty of people who just simply don’t want to do apps.

So is calorie counting key?

Yes. And by calorie counting I really mean evaluating your current calories and then working on bringing those in line with your goals.

But if it’s not for you, then there’s lots of ways to work around it.

It may take a little bit longer to get you into a sweet spot for fat loss and takes a bit of guess work.

But it can still be done.

Technology is great and all, but it’s only an extra tool we can utilise to enhance results.

Count Calories?

It’s up to you – try it and see, if it’s not for you then focus on scales, mirrors, measurements and clothes.

Oh, and focus on if you feel happier, healthier and fitter.

Because we’re all in this to look better, feel great and live a happy life.

Just don’t count calories on Xmas Day!!!! (Oh ho!)

Talk soon


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Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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