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The Brexit Approach To Dieting And Weight Loss


Are you currently undertaking a Brexit approach to your diet and training?

You know the one, you want a new body, better health and a more positive outlook on life/

So you hold your own mini-referendum (generally on a Sunday evening while hungover).

Come Monday morning, the polls are in.

Time to get in shape!

This is it.

No more going back.

You’re all in.


Adopting The Brexit Approach To Your Goals

Let me build the scenario.

You want to lose weight, gain control of your own food and diet and become fitter, toned and sexy.

So you hold talks with your Personal Trainer in hope to trash out a deal.

You lay out all your plans and ideas.

“I want to lose 2 stone so I don’t have to hide my love handles/bingo wings/thighs under clothes.”

“I want to get fitter so I’m not out of breath climbing stairs/chasing the kids”.


“I want to get toned so I can feel more confident both in and out of the bedroom, on beaches and among my social circle at events”.

Now your Personal Trainer starts to outline what’s required.

“You’re going to have to work on your food intake, maybe track calories or keep a food diary and eat more vegetables/drink more water.

“You’ll need to hit the gym at least twice a week and become more active on your other days, walk/run/hike/swim to add in exercise.”


“You’re going to have to do this consistently, because if it took 2 years to become unhappy with how you look, 5 days of dieting isn’t going to fix it.

You’ll need to at least get past next weekend without blowing your diet apart!!”.

You sit there pondering for a moment.

The suddenly it hits you.


I WANT all of those things, but I’m not accepting that I’ve to do any of those things.

So you keep on doing the same thing over and over again.

Until one day, you have the epiphany again.

So you contact another PT.

Same story, same advice.

No Deal.

The Reality Of Weight Loss

A lot of people have the greatest intentions.

They want to get a better body, health and sense of wellbeing.

They can visualise it over and over again.

And they’d do anything to look and feel that way.

But when it comes to application, they fall down.

It’s why I try not to buy into “motivation” too much.

All the memes and quotes stolen straight off Google that give you that warm fuzzy feeling for a few minutes.

They make you feel like you’re ready to take on the world.

But soon after, the feeling fades and what you’re left with is LACK OF DISCIPLINE.

If you constantly seek external motivation without ever discovering internal motivation, you’ll only get so far.

As soon as the external motivation fades away, you suddenly don’t feel as strongly about the outcome.

There’s less driving you to get up and do it.

It’s why you should focus on building discipline while motivated.

Because discipline will carry you through those times when motivation runs low.

But most of all, if you really want to change, then you WILL NEED to get up and start.

Don’t keep thinking it’ll magically happen by keeping positive about it, buying crap diet products or simply turning up to the gym.

You will need to put some work in.

So before you go screaming NO DEAL!

Pause for a moment and ask yourself, “Am I holding myself back?”

Is it time I take responsibility for myself and start working on making a change for the good?

Once you do start working on it, you’ll soon be dancing like Theresa May as you rock that new body and health.

Don’t Brexit yourself.

Get up and get to work.

Discipline + Motivation = Success.

Thanks for reading.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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