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Raising €2000 For Boyle Celtic In 58 Hours

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Raising €2000 For Boyle Celtic In 58 Hours

So I’ve kinda disappeared for 3 days due to being flat out fundraising for our local team who are into the Quarter Finals of the FAI Junior Cup on March 12th in Tipperary.

Here’s what has gone on:

On Wednesday morning at 11am, I posted a status asking for 20 Businesses to donate €50 towards Boyle Celtic’s away game in Tipperary on March 12th.

As of 9pm last night, we hit €2000 in donations which should cover the whole weekend for the team and takes all the pressure off the club.

Now I’ve no real affiliation with the club as I hung up my boots a long time ago.

However, I do appreciate the effort they put in week in, week out for the town and club. Most of these lads have been playing for Boyle Celtic for 10+ years now and never look for anything. They’re happy to turn up every week and just play football.

Now that they’re into the Quarter Finals of the FAI Junior Cup I felt it was only fair that we, as a town, would throw our support behind them and help them out where we can.

I had been thinking about it for a few days and following a monster breakfast I was fairly comatose and decided I’d chance it and see what would happen.

Like most towns in the West of Ireland, we’ve taken a real beating over the years due to recession. It could be fair to say we’ve got hit that bit harder than most too. And it’s very easy to sit back and just complain about the town.

But over the last 3 days it has been amazing the amount of support that has come out and it really proves the great people and business owners we have in this town.

I left it completely voluntary because I hate putting anyone under pressure when it comes to money. If they didn’t have it, they didn’t have to give it.

But to sit here looking at all the businesses that have contributed and so quickly has been amazing. There’s lads from Ballinameen and Carrick donating without question.

A lot of people are thanking me for it, but I honestly don’t see the need.

It was just a simple Facebook status.

At the end of the day, an idea is only as great as the people who get behind it and support it.

So to everyone who has contributed, thanks a million. The club will greatly appreciate it all and we hope that the team get a huge boost of confidence from seeing how much support they have throughout the town.

All the best on March 12th Boyle Celtic!!

Do the town proud.

And if ye get to the semi-final, I’m turning off my phone and living up a mountain!


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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