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Is It Time For A Change?


Honest Question.   Right now, are you in the same position as you were 12 months ago?   If the answer is yes, then it’s time to make a change.   As the good man Einstein once said –   For a gym goer, that can look something like this:   You hit the gym […]

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The Making It Count Method


Making It Count in the gym.   So I’m in Thailand at the moment and we’re travelling around a lot   So unfortunately, training isn’t getting done half enough   And I’ve given up trying to train powerlifting while I’m so disorganised   So I’m going with a M.I.C method   And that is simply […]

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Emotional Eating

I was an emotional eater and still have the odd occasion where I emotionally eat… But back in the day when I was having major issues with my weight and food, if I had a bad day or was even feeling tired, I would plow through bars of chocolate, biscuits, crisps, cake etc… And I […]

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The New Revolutionary Diet!

SAS Challenge

So let’s jump right in and talk about the New Revolutionary Diet that is always guaranteed to get you results for the REST of your LIFE!! What is it you ask? Well it’s the “Cut the Bullsh*t Diet”… Not only are you to cut the BS you FEED yourself, but you’re also going to cut […]

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The Pressure Of Social Media

Social Media is great isn’t it? Yet it’s messing with your head without you knowing it… How many times have you broken your diet and felt guilty, only to flick open Facebook or Instagram and see guys and girls with abs staring back at you… Makes you feel miserable, right? Social media is most definitely […]

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Top 7 Tips For Fat Loss

Welcome to the 7 Free Fat Loss Tips you can put into action RIGHT NOW! This is aimed at people who are stuck in a rut and need that firm but fair kick up the backside to get going again. So without further ado, let’s kick it off. 1 – Energy Balance So whether you’re […]

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My Own Weight Loss Transformation

weight loss

Here’s the story of my own weight loss transformation. West of Ireland born and raised, eating cookies was how I spent most of my days. No I’m not just going to rap my own version of the Fresh Prince to you, instead I’m going to tell you where I started and how I got to owning […]

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