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Belly Fat – The Bottom Line To Losing It

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It’s Friday and you’re probably already thinking about chilling for the weekend.

But I’ll try and keep this light reading.

With more and more ladies joining StrongLife, a common conversation I have is:

“How do I get rid of this belly?”

**cue girl grabbing stomach fat and pulling it so show me**

I would only love to stand there, look them in the eye and tell them 1 magic trick that will instantly fix it.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t exist.

The bottom line for losing belly fat is a consistent reduction of calories over time.

(Although stress and sleep will also have a direct influence on stomach fat)

When it comes to fat loss, it will be evenly distributed, however, the stomach is one area that it seems to come off last for many.

A consistently healthy diet coupled with good hydration will help you avoid bloating etc. and therefore have a “flatter” stomach.

Lifting weights and exercising will help burn more calories, build some muscle so you look toned and sexy as your fat mass decreases.

And of course, doing 1,000,000 situps/crunches will do nothing for you until your diet comes into line with your goals.

So your #1 goal right now is to manage your calories better, work on your food choices and most of all, become more consistent with it.

There’s no point having a perfect diet for 4 days if it means you eat like an unsupervised child in a sweet shop for the other 3 days.

3 Simple Steps To Losing Belly Fat:

1 – Eat a healthy diet consistently and don’t stress over it. Putting too much pressure on eating perfectly can have a negative side effect if you break your diet.

2 – Get exercising. This can be home workouts, get out walking, hit the gym or join some classes. Your main aim is to burn more calories, work your muscles and feel good.

3 – Get regular sleep and try not to stress over stuff that’s out of your control. I generally make poor food choices when stressed so by chilling out more I’m in control.

Have a good Friday and enjoy your weekend.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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