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Battling The Winter Cravings And Trying To Stay On Track


So we’re in the back end of November and they winter weather is really hitting hard now.

It’s pretty damn cold outside but at least it’s dry.

But for me, I’m craving food every hour of every day.

The weather is one thing that really affects my eating patterns.

Summer time I want to eat salads and frolick through the fields in my birthday suit.

Winter I seem to want to eat hot deli food, drink hot chocolate and live in a wood cabin.

Every shop I go into is overflowing with sweets, biscuits and cakes for Christmas and it takes all my willpower not to turn into Bruce Bogtrotter.

Not exactly ideal if I want to keep training and improving myself.

The weather can be a disaster.

Summer is normally warm(er) so it means you wear less clothes and get outside more.

So you can’t really hide the gut or love handles as easy.

Whereas in winter you’re wrapped up in hoodies so it’s much easier to hide the packs of cookies that you now call “breakfast”.

But in reality, it’s not doing us any good.

Because if we let our eating and training slip that much over the next 5 weeks, then we’re losing a full 5 Weeks of progress.

Let alone undoing so much we have worked hard for all year.

So for me, it’s a case of limiting the damage.

I’ve stopped tracking calories.

Instead, I’m allowing myself eat as much good food as I like each day and I’ll keep track of my weight 2-3 times a week.

So that’s lean protein and veg at every meal with a slightly larger portion of sweet potato wedges.

If I’m slipping too much, I’ll cut back a bit.

The aim is to slowly drop another 1-2kg until Xmas.

Then put the feet up, take a few days off and enjoy it all.

(I already have the elastic waisted pants ready for Xmas day!)

Because at the end of the day, all this training and eating well should enable you to enjoy the special occasions without feeling guilty and rotten.

But if you start blowing out in November all the way through until January, then you may get a shock come the first week of 2017.

Work on keeping your food under control 80% of the time, control the indulgences and keep it together for another few weeks.

You can offset any splurges by cutting back a little bit.

Then when the days of Xmas hits, you can let loose a bit more (i know you’ll tear the arse out of it), enjoy the festivities and then at least you’ve limited the damage done.

That way, you should avoid the emotional and mental breakdown on the 2nd of January when you’ve to try put on regular pants again (don’t tell me you’re not wearing elastic waisted pants for xmas).

So do your best to hold it together, even just for another 3-4 weeks.

Then let the hair down and enjoy yourself.

Enjoying yourself for 1 week won’t undo a years progress but 4-5 weeks can do damage.


P.s. Someone has robbed Santa’s cookies for 7 consecutive years now. It’s scandalous.

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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