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Starting Your Diet Again Today?


Serious question? Are you starting your diet again today? For so many people, they lose the run of themselves at weekends due to the “lack of routine”. And I do understand it. During the week your job keeps you in a routine, you plan a breakfast, lunch and dinner and your job dictates meal times […]

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Do You Really Want That Treadmill?


Quite regularly, I get people enquiring if I have treadmills in the gym… And to be perfectly honest, I can guarantee that at some point in their lives a treadmill has been sitting in their shed covered in boxes and old clothes (I even had one – but it was mainly covered in cats). But […]

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Core Work: Do you really need more of it?

Core work

Every single week I get someone messaging me saying “I need more core work” I always answer – “No you don’t, you’ve been doing planks for 7 years yet you’re weak as sh*t everywhere else. Train your whole body and stop eating sh*t to improve your stomach. Capiche?” The way I look at it is […]

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Scrawny to Brawny: George’s Story

scrawny to brawny

For anyone following the gym, you’ll have seen George’s name pop up every now and again. And it is with good reason too. Here’s how George went from Scrawny to Brawny George was one of the first guys to join the gym on opening back in 2014. Since then, he has never been afraid to […]

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Belly Fat Burning Foods – The Truth

Not gonna lie, I had to wait a few hours to calm down before I wrote this blog about what’s wrong with people promoting “belly fat burning foods”. You see, I honestly thought we had moved on from the sh*t peddling, and that by now people understand that there’s no such things as “belly fat […]

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StrongLife Personal Training

Personal Training Session

“Do you do Personal Training?” Over the last number of weeks, I’ve had numerous enquiries that all start with the above question. And the straight up answer is simply “Yes I do”. Now when it comes to personal training, it’s not just a case of me getting bodies in the door. As a PT my […]

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