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Why You Aren’t Really Looking To Lose Weight

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Today I’m going to talk about what you really mean when you say you want to lose weight.

For us gym’s, the offer of weight loss is HUGE among men and women these days.

Unfortunately, we’re battling weight issues and obesity like never before (I’m currently putting together an article on the rise of obesity in Ireland).

It’s a constant battle to not overeat and to try and shift some pounds.

And everyone that joins here in StrongLife will simply tell me they want to lose weight.

But here’s exactly why losing weight doesn’t mean much to you.

Instead, your real reasons to lose weight is to:

Look sexy when you’re naked.

Be attractive to the opposite sex (or same sex for that matter).

Feel amazing in your own skin.


We all hide behind the ole “I wanna lose weight and feel better” which is true.

But the reality is that if Tom Hardy or Margot Robbie landed in some night wanting to do the no pants dance then you’d love to be confident in your own body in front of them.

You want to feel sexy and be super hot.

You’d love the confidence that people are attracted to you.

You want to not be terrified of what they think of your body.

You’d love not to be crippled with self consciousness.

You want to finally get out of your head and enjoy yourself.

And the above are all genuine issues that we all face, that’s us men and the ladies too.

For us men, we struggle with the same self conscious issues.

We’re terrified of girls thinking we’re unattractive.

We always doubt if girls will find our bodies attractive (thanks to social media and films, all lads appear to walk around with perfect bodies and immaculate lives – something we get influenced a lot by and can have negative views of ourselves because of it.)

Us men compare ourselves to other guys to see where we “rank”.

We literally don’t ask girls out because we’ve convinced ourselves they’re out of our league when the worst that can happen is she says no.

Jaysus, we even worry about if the aul machinery down south is up to scratch!

For the ladies, you want to feel sexy in front of your man.

You want to feel confident in your body and rid yourself of self consciousness and fear.

Nowadays, you’re bombarded with pictures of all these “highly” attractive females everywhere you look. (they could have the personality of a used teabag)

It can be hard to distance yourself from it and not ask “why can’t I be like that”.

It’s very easy to be self critical and constantly compare yourself to others.

It’s very easy to constantly put yourself down and feel like you’re not good enough.


And that’s why we all chase “weight loss”.

It’s the feeling it brings to us.

You feel your body getting tighter.

Those body parts you hate start to look better (man boobs for guys, bingo wings and stomach for girls)

Clothes start to fit better and your ass/arms look better in them.

Confidence starts to flow, compliments start to come in droves.

You start to crawl out of your self-conscious shell and feel like a whole new person.

A few squats later and himself won’t stop grabbing your ass.

Few bench presses later and she won’t stop rubbing your chest while you try to watch Netflix.

All little things that keep the wheels turning on our new mission to become a more confident, sexier and all-round healthier person.


The beauty of training and improving your nutrition is that as every month goes by, you grow as a person.

Not just some arbitrary number in the gym.

The number on the scales might not go down, but it is of no reflection on how much of better you look, feel and think.

And yes, improving how you think will have a massive benefit to you far beyond your body.

That feeling when you get to wear those clothes that no longer fit. It’s like you’re rolling back time.

That feeling when you go clothes shopping and you fit into those new, sexy clothes.

That feeling when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and you don’t hate what you see.

The feeling you get when you  no longer hide from the wife/husband/boy/girlfriend in case they see you naked in daylight.

The Reality of Wanting to Lose Weight

Weight loss is the general term we use as a means of saying “I want to improve myself”.

It’s the gateway to enhancing your life in more ways than you can imagine.

And it’s the single, greatest thing you can do for your own body, health and mind if it’s something that’s getting you down right now.

So if you’re struggling with any of the above in this blog, never forget – You Have The Ability To Change It.

All it requires is commitment and some dedication.

You’ll be a whole different person in no time.


P.s. I know the blog is heavily focused on the sexual attractiveness, but this is such a common theme among everybody but people don’t admit it. It’s not about hitting the gym to get laid.

It’s about developing yourself so you can really embrace the fantastic feelings we can encounter through life.

We can step out from the darkness of unhappiness with ourselves and literally overhaul our life through exercise and nutrition.

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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