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The 8 Week Strength Challenge Results

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So last week we wrapped up our 8 Week Strength Challenge here in the gym.

Over the 8 weeks, participants followed a tailored plan to guarantee big increases off the back of it.

And I’m delighted to say that the programme worked perfectly with some really great results.

So back in mid-January, 5 of our gym members wanted to get stronger.

They wanted to challenge themselves as they had seen others lifting heavy and it was their time to jump in and work hard.

So here’s how they got on:


Marc has been training here up on 2 years now.

He’s a very loyal gym goer and Monster consumer.

Marc’s initial goals upon joining were to drop some weight and tone up.

But this time he wanted to push himself to get stronger.

Over the 8 weeks he kept seeing more and more progress.

He really fine tuned his technique and didn’t miss a session, even when he sneaked away to see Chelsea play.

Off the back of the program, he finished with a 120kg Squat, 90kg Bench and a 155kg Deadlift.


Rebekah (Sham, Few Shots?) has been quite the regular here.

She has somehow ignored all my attempts to bar her for dabbing.

But the time had come for Rebekah to get stronger.

She worked hard on her lifts throughout and only required the odd bit of motivation to get a move on.

Off the back of the 8 weeks, she topped out with a 60kg Squat, 40kg Bench and a 100kg Deadlift.


Mrs Shannon has been a great regular here and is always getting her bit done.

Although she still hasn’t brought me in a few chocolate hobnobs, I let her do the 8 Week Challenge.

For Mary, she was a small bit on the timid side when it came to her lifting heavy.

So it was great to see her develop so quickly throughout the programme.

And she finished up with a 50kg Squat, 35kg Bench and a 70kg Deadlift.

The best part is that she now has more belief in herself and is already working on increasing those numbers.


Emer might groom dogs by day, but she lifts weights by night.

Having struggled with injury in years gone by, she has built herself back up nicely.

And she wanted to push on that bit more.

Now we had to keep things a bit more sensible to ensure she didn’t flare up any old issues.

But things went great and she finished out with a 72.5kg Squat, 42.5kg Bench and a 105kg Deadlift.

That’s a total increase 30kg on her previous bests.


If you look up “woman who gets pure stubborn with Deadlifts” in the dictionary, you’ll find Mairead.

Let her near the bar and she will not quit until it comes up off the floor.

So of course, it’s always fun to give Mairead a strength programme.

And with pure determination she tore into it.

As Paddy Losty would say “there’d be no feckin shtopping her”.

Mairead finished out with a 70kg Squat, 42.5kg Bench and a 110kg Deadlift.

That’s a total increase of 25kg on her bests!



Now Sandra didn’t follow this exact programme, however she has been travelling from Ballyhaunis to train here.

Sandy Pants really wanted to work on improving her lifts and she wrapped up a programme 2 weeks ago.

She has gone from struggling under heavy Squats to hitting 70kg with confidence.

Bench has bumped up to 43.5kg (competition style) and her Deadlift is 115kg.

With some more fine tuning she’s going to keep seeing those numbers going up!


Well done everyone!


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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