The 6 Week BodyFat Blitz

Melt off inches and tone up with our 6 Week Plan

"The programme that Colm put together for me was perfect, because I didn’t have to worry about hurting myself. I was shown exactly what to do and the programme was tailored to my specific needs. I was able to start with light weights and work my way up, and before I knew it, I was lifting heavier than I ever thought I could.

I've lost 9lbs and shed 10 inches off my body following StrongLife's programme."

Aoife's Stronglife Story

Aoife Moloney

What You Get on our 6 Week BodyFat Blitz

Read on to find out why you should sign up the our 6 Week plan


Personalised Planning

When it comes to the programme and nutritional advice, it's tailored for you.

We carry out an initial induction so we get to know you, we see how you move and what exercises you're good at.

Then we build your training plan to match your ability and to ensure you see progress over the coming 6 weeks.

Because without tailoring the plan, it's not going to maximise your results.

challenge lifting


Weekly Measurements

How do we know if you're making progress?

We'll carry out weekly measurements to track your progress and make any necessary changes.

Not only that, but it keeps you honest and accountable.

This is proven to boost results and client motivation.


The Results.

We've been running this program over 3 years now and it keeps delivering results.

Not only that, but we consistently look for ways to improve it.

We see an average weight loss of up to 7lbs while seeing big reductions on the tape measurements of up to 10 inches!

What Some of Our Clients Are Saying

On the 6 week programme I lost 7lbs and 7 inches all over. I have not been this size in nearly 20 years.

I feel amazing, I love the programme. I still go 3 times a week and I look forward to doing my program and enjoy going.

I feel so much stronger physically and mentally and I can honestly say I now feel like a good role model for a healthier life to my 4 children. And it is all thanks to Colm. You didn't just change my life you changed my whole families lives. Thank you Colm"

Tracey Mulrennan

Tracey Testimonial

I find Colm to be an exceptional coach and trainer. He has interest in each and every client he knows what's going on with everyone's training and makes sure everyone is progressing. Colm is a friend to everyone that comes in the door.

Since starting at Stronglife I have lost weight, toned up and I feel much stronger. I used to have pain in my back and since joining the gym and getting in on my personalised programme the pains are gone and my back feels much stronger. I'm delighted to be a member of this gym and cannot recommend it enough to anyone thinking of improving their life and health. Thanks for everything Colm it's much appreciated"

Mary Kelly

StrongLife StrongWife

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