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They’re Down 45 lbs and 65 Inches – SAS Challenge


We’re just over 2 weeks into the SAS Challenge here in Stronglife Gym

We currently have 16 people on it and they’ve been hitting the workouts hard, working on their nutrition and most of all, being consistent.

And it’s safe to say it’s going very well based on our follow ups after our second week.

As a group, they’ve lost just over 45 lbs and dropped over 65 inches!

That’s an average of almost 3lbs and 4 inches each.

Then we have Mary, Denise and Laura who really stood out by dropping 6 inches, 6.5 inches and 7.25 inches respectively.

Each week the workouts change:

Week 1 was a combination of weights and HIIT at the end.

Week 2 was Strength and Conditioning

Week 3 is all about High Intensity followed by some muscle building work to target certain muscle groups.

Nobody has shied away from the challenge and they are putting in the work each and every session.

Nobody has had to cancel social plans just because they’re “dieting”.

No one is reporting back that they’re feeling deprived, starved or stressed trying to keep their diet together.

My goal is to keep their nutrition as flexible as possible while providing education each week to help remove all the confusion from a bombardment of info online every day.

My mission is to give them a clear path with defined strategies to match their lifestyle and still see results.

So how are they getting their results?


  • Lifting weights every session
  • Working on the main muscle groups while focusing on improving their movement patterns
  • They’re eating based on their individual calorie requirements and we are adjusting where it’s needed
  • Improving food choices week by week while still being allowed the odd glass of wine or bar of chocolate
  • They turn up every week.
  • They take account of their actions and work to improve on them.
  • They take on all advice being provided.

We’re not removing food groups from their diets, we’re not banning any certain foods and we’re not forcing them to put their life on hold just to lose a few lbs.

I’m not going to lie, they’re making my job a lot easier every week because they’re dedicated and not afraid of putting in the effort needed to see results.

And we’re having plenty of craic along the way too which makes the gym a far more comfortable environment.

So after only 2 weeks we’re flying it.

The next 6 weeks should really bring things a whole new level for them all.

However, our SAS Challenge may be closed until the New Year, but on November 1st our Christmas Transformation Challenge will be kicking off for 6 weeks!

So if you want to overhaul your fitness, shift half a stone and melt off 8-10 inches then you can get your name down here:

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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