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3 Tips To Make Sure You Get The Results You Want


So it’s Monday again.

The start of yet another week.

And it may be another week where your diet starts today.

On Wednesday we roll into the month of August.

Safe to say, summer is winding down.

Think back to January when you made resolutions.

When you made promises to yourself.

Maybe you wanted to lose 10 pounds. Have you?

You may have wanted to travel or go visit a place. Did you?

Maybe you wanted to challenge yourself to a marathon/run. Any sign of it happening?

Today, let’s look at what’s really needed to see results and get sh*t done.

1. Be Realistic

I say this to every single client that comes into me.

Be realistic.

I don’t mean to go quashing dreams or anything, quite the opposite.

If you want to lose a stone, that’s 14 pounds.

In a realistic scenario, you break that down into manageable pieces.

I like to look at them as checkpoints.

You could have 7 checkpoints, each one represents 2 lbs.

Lose you first 2 lbs then set you sights on the next 2.

And keep working like so until you hit checkpoint 7.

Congrats, you just lost a stone.

But wait, life isn’t that simple.

We’re humans, so we’re prone to decisions (good and bad) driven by emotions, moods and social circles.

So while we may want to lose a stone, it’s never simply linear.

There are weeks/weekends you will do fantastic.

But there are weeks/weekends where life just kicks you in the ghoulies and it just doesn’t happen.

So be completely realistic to the fact that life happens.

We also should be realistic to the other factors.

If you are currently overweight, this is due to a prolonged period where you’ve simply eaten too much.

So if it took 3 years to put it on, 6 weeks isn’t going to take it off.

We should be realistic that it’s not just a simple thing.

It’s going to take some work, some effort and you will feel hungry.

But perseverance will pull you through and that defines whether you get there or not.

So buckle up and get your head in gear for it.

Because if you want to lose weight, become wealthier or figure out ways to have more fun in life, then you better sit down and make a plan.

Once you have that plan made then you need to put in the work to get there.

Because as the saying goes – nothing worth having comes easy.

Be Honest

Back when we were all whipper snappers, we were told – honesty is the best policy.

Maybe if everyone learned that then poor ole Donald Trump wouldn’t have to keep going on about Fake News!!!

So there’s 2 factors to the honesty policy.

  1. Be honest to yourself.
  2. Be honest to your coach.

I factor being honest to yourself as the most important.

Because the sooner you face facts, the sooner you can address issues and make changes to behaviours that no match your desired outcome.

If you spend weekends chomping on takeaways and necking wine, well be honest and appreciate that those behaviours will stop you from seeing progress and results.

Our actions directly determine our results, so honestly review your actions and ask yourself – do they match my goals?

Will they help me achieve my goals or will they hinder me?

If you do choose to binge out at weekends, then just be honest with yourself and don’t be disheartened if you don’t see results in the coming week.

I’m all for living life, but you do need to align your behaviours with what you really want to achieve.

So make sure your goals are something you really want to achieve and will positively impact your life.


For any of my really successful clients, the key thing behind their success was consistency.

They consistently turned up for their gym sessions.

They were consistent with managing their calorie intake to ensure weight loss.

And they consistently made an effort to ask questions and make changes where needed.

For all of us, we are very capable of doing a perfect day – you eat perfectly and get your exercise in.

But when we have to string those days together, especially at weekends, is where we fall down.

As each dieting day goes by, you start to think of the foods you loved to binge on.

Cookies, crisps, chocolate, ice cream, haribo etc.

You almost look at them like a heroin addict.

What you would do to just have a few Hobnobs or a Galaxy bar.

Unfortunately, as Mr. Pringle says, once you pop you can’t stop.

Dieting can be tough, we are all victims of missing certain foods.

But with proper planning you can keep them in your diet.

You will just need to be sensible when it comes to portion size of them.

There’s no harm in having something nice once or twice a week.

In fact, it has been proving to improve adherence to dieting.

But if your diet largely consists of chocolate and biscuits, then we may not be seeing the waistline get smaller anytime soon.

So set realistic goals, be honest with yourself, and work on being consistent.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you have a bad day.

Nobody is perfect, well except for J-Lo (have you seen her birthday pics at 49!!!!).

Put one foot in front of the other and make every day one little bit better than yesterday.

It will all make for great change for your future self.

Talk soon.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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