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3 Tips To Building A Better Bum For Summer

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So today I want to give you 3 tips on how to build a better bum.

See, summer is fast approaching which means good weather is on the way.

Those longer sunny days spent by the seaside wearing your favourite summer clothes.

Or those sun holidays where you hop into your itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini.

But right now, those thoughts give you anxiety.

It means you’ve to uncover your arms, thighs and stomach.

But more importantly, you wish you had a better bum.

Because we all know that bums make the world go round.

And a good bum gives a girl great confidence.

So let’s look at how you can build that peachy bum.

Lift Weights To Build Your Bum

Forget about cardio when it comes to building that better beach bum.

If you REALLY want to add the ‘wow’ factor to your derriere, then you’re going to have to swap the treadmill for the barbell.

But you probably know that already, but you’ve somehow not taken the leap yet.

And I understand that too.

For girls, it’s very easy to view the weights area of a gym as the “boys area”.

But it’s not, it’s simply just an area that has been embraced by lads a bit sooner than girls.

But that’s changing now.

And it’s about time.

Now before you jump in lifting, be sure to learn correct techniques.

Also, be prepared to challenge yourself.

No seriously, challenge yourself.

If your handbag weighs more than the dumbell/kettlebell, put it back down.

In order to build that physique, you’ll need to get strong and build muscle.

So to do that, you need to stress your body.

If something feels easy, it’s probably time to move up a notch.

Then use cardio as a supplement to retain fitness or burn a few extra calories.

Regardless of what they say, the stairmaster isn’t the best option when it comes to building your booty though.

Stop Starving Yourself And Instead Fuel Your Training.

If you want a better bum, then you’re gonna have to add mass to that ass.

And the only way to do so is by training well and using your nutrition to support your training.

Instead of fearing food, you need to view it as fuel.

Use good food to nourish your body instead of looking to starve yourself as punishment.

If you look at athletes, they don’t go beating themselves into the ground with workouts and harsh diets.

Instead, they train for constant improvement and athletic performance.

Then their nutrition falls in line with those goals.

They don’t do high loads of exercise on very low calorie diets.

That’s a recipe for disaster. You’ll end up injured, sick or feel like crap.

So if you want that athletic body with curves in all the right places, start to change how you view food.

Don’t look at food as the devil.

Instead, view your meals as opportunities to support your goals or to limit your progress.

Base your nutrition around protein and minimally processed foods.

Use carbs around workouts so you always have energy.

Accompany your diet with weight training to start building that physique that will give you great confidence, enjoyment and enhance your life.

And the only way to do that is to fuel your training and lifting rather than starving and running yourself into the ground.

Exercise Selection To Maximise Results

Okay, if you go online you’ll see world of bum workouts. Glute bridges, donkey kicks and a host of bodyweight exercises.

Butt in reality (see what I did there) you should instead focus on the big lifts that are proven to work:

Squats (Barbell squats, goblet squats, split squats etc)

Hip Thrusts/Barbell Glute Bridges,

Lunges (reverse lunges, walking lunges)

Deadlifts. (barbell deadlifts, romanian deadlifts, kettlebell deadlifts etc)

You will NEVER go wrong with them.

They will be the staple of your training for months and years to come.

As the months go by, you can use different variations of each and mix up the sets and rep schemes you use.

That way your training doesn’t become stale and you get a new stimulus in training.

You can spend some training cycles focusing on strength training, others on muscle building.

And again, be sure to be challenging yourself with the weight you’re lifting so that you continue to make progress.


Bonus Tip

Add in banded crab walks into your warmups before you start hitting those exercises to really feel your glutes burn the next day.

In Summary

A lot of ladies have moved away from wanting to be stick thin.

We live in a time where girls are embracing curves.

And that means many girls wanting to get themselves a better bum.

It’s something I’ve coached here a LOT more the last 18 months.

Girls feel so much more confident if they’re happy with their legs, bum and stomach.

So why not use your time in the gym to develop that confidence and self esteem?

You will never go wrong with the exercises I’ve listed above.

They’re an absolute staple in what we do here in StrongLife Gym.

Whether someone wants to drops pounds, get super strong or simply use the gym to supplement their fitness goals.

So don’t wait any longer, just get stuck into it and get started.

And if you’re super confused and need a gym plan to follow, you can get in touch and I’ll build one for you.

You can get me at –  colm@stronglifegym.ie

Looking forward to helping you enhance your physique with your training.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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