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Highlighting My Top 3 Flaws Of StrongLife Gym


Today, I’m going to highlight 3 flaws of StrongLife Gym.

In business, we all rush around screaming at the top of our voice as to how great we are.

We spend all day every day telling how awesome we are and why you should give us money.

But every now and again, it’s no harm to simply highlight the flaws of ourselves.

Because as a solo entrepreneur (god I hate that word), my business generally is a direct reflection of me.

This gym has been built on my own vision, my way of how I want to run it and how I like to coach.

And with any human being, we all have flaws.

So today, I’m going to highlight some flaws I see in my business and why StrongLife Gym may not be the gym for you.

Here we go:

1. The ‘Slow’ Approach To Beginners/Newcomers

One perceived flaw that could be looked at is the ‘slower’ approach with newcomers/beginners.

Many people join a gym thinking that they’re going to be jumping around going mad.

You then leave in a sweaty mess 45 minutes later, just about able to crawl to the car.

But that doesn’t happen here.

Instead, it’s your very first day coming into my gym.

My main priority is to see how you move, get to know you as a person and find out more about you.

I like to know what exercise you’ve done in the past, any apprehensions you may have and dispel any fears.

By getting to know you, I get to know where I can put you into a training plan and how I can build you up.

I never feel the need to smash you with a workout just to feed my own ego.

Because most of the time, you have already attempted to join a gym/class in the past.

You’ve been put through the ringer and the intense muscle soreness you suffered after put you off.

It leaves you feeling like you’re just not able for it.

And that’s not the results I want for you.

When you leave here, I want you to feel – “Ok, that was good and I’m definitely able for this”.

Then over the coming weeks, months and years I develop you further and further through progressive exercise plans.

So flaw #1 – not succumbing to just putting you through workouts.

This doesn’t suit people.

But I just cannot switch to that way of things.

I know the long term benefits of building you up as a person, both physically and mentally.

2. Lack Of Shiny Objects

The lack of shiny objects kind of covers a few things.

When you enter StrongLife Gym, you’re not entering your normal gym.

There’s no sign outside.

It’s a bit hidden out the back of Boyle.

And it’s based in a warehouse style unit.

My logo is painted on the wall.

We’ve grass indoors.

And there’s no mirrors.

You won’t find treadmills or cross-trainers here, but we do have cardio equipment.

You won’t machines or pink dumbells, instead you find bars, kettlebells and dumbells.

And most of all, you will see girls dominating the weights more than the lads.

(Mainly because there’s more girls here than men! A complaint aired by ladies who wouldn’t mind a few rubgy lads knocking about).

When I was setting up the gym, the quality of training was at the forefront of my plans.

I designed the gym to ensure that there’s an endless amount of training options.

Whether you need to work on your Squats, build a bigger chest or booty, or you want to push a sled, it’s all here.

And because of limitations, I maximised the floor space to include all that.

I don’t see the need to add in all the fluffy stuff and luxuries.

It’s a bit more school.

And the main reason for this is – we stick to the tried and tested methods.

I don’t succumb to ‘fads’ or ‘trends’.

I focus all my expertise on showing people how they can completely transform themselves with only a few pieces of equipment.

The number of exercises available to you is endless, plus you can get creative.

The same goes for the nutritional coaching.

Everywhere you look online someone is selling you a meal plan or a shiny diet supplement.

Yet here I am, sticking to principles based on science, which are 100% guaranteed to help you drop weight, tone up and improve your health.

It never comes across as “sexy”, yet it works.

As humans, we do tend to look for the next new thing.

We do so in hope that it may give the answer to our problems.

Yet majority of the time, it leaves us back at the beginning as it failed to address the underlying behaviour issues.

So for anyone starting out, it’s a case of getting them to turn up for their sessions.

Educating them on energy balance and having them make a conscious effort with their food.

So if you’re looking for a luxury gym, the latest bright shiny object or that magical meal plan that’s going to fix your eating habits for the last 10 years, then you won’t find it here.

3. Managing Burnout

This one isn’t about the gym itself.

It’s more so about me as the man behind it.

Over the last 4 years, my hours have increased year on year to the point that I’ve stopped counting how many hours I do a week.

Instead, I just keep turning up.

But every now and again, it gets the better of me and I start edging towards burnout.

So for 2018, my main aim is to manage burnout better.

As I feel I’m teetering towards mental fatigue, I’m trying to switch off a little more.

And the main reason for this is that it’s not fair on clients.

When I hit mental fatigue, my performance levels drop a bit.

Work still gets done 100%, but I can sometimes just lack that little bit of energy.

Which does transfer to clients too.

I remember last year, there was about 4 weeks where I had gone past the edge of the cliff.

And looking back, it had a profound effect in the gym too.

I’m lucky to work a job where I rarely check the time to see when I can go home.

So the 3rd flaw is not looking after myself a bit more.

And that flaw does carry itself over into the gym.

I want every hour a client is here to be filled with fun, craic and great training.

If I start dipping, then that normally dips too.

Running this place on my own does take its toll, but it’s great fun doing so!

End Note

We should never fear highlighting our own flaws, as this gives us an opportunity to improve as a person and as a business.

Not only that, but it gives people an honest insight as to what to expect of us.

So I’ll never hide behind a false front, pretending that this place is the best in the world.

All I know is that with each year that passes buy, it keeps improving.

It keeps delivering more to clients, helping more people gets results and make a difference in their lives.

And if constantly looking for areas to improves means creating a better environment and service for clients, then by all means I’m going to keep doing it!

Because without great clients, this wouldn’t be a great gym.

That’s the reason why I do at least 3 courses a year, continue to invest in training and equipment, and always look to give more to our clients here.

And with every successful year that goes by, I’ll keep working hard and delivering more for everyone.

So StrongLife may not be for everyone, but it may well be the exact place for you.

Only way to find out is to come and try.



Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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