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The 2017 Review – The Good, The Bad, The Truth

2017 review

As I sit here post Christmas dinner, I’m looking at 2017 in review.

By post Christmas dinner, I mean absolutely swelled to the hilt with just shorts on.

Pretty sure I heard a button pop on my pants earlier too!

For me, I don’t actually enjoy Christmas too much.

I find Xmas day very long and boring which leaves me with plenty of time for thinking (dangerous!)

At the end of every year, I always take stock of what has gone on over the previous 12 months.

I look for areas that have improved, need work and future opportunities for both me personally and in business.

So let’s dive in.

StrongLife in 2017

Well it’s been the most enjoyable year to date for me in business.

As I wrote last year, those first 2 years are mega stressful and financial worries exist a lot.

Over 2017, I feel like it has all turned a corner and it’s so enjoyable now.

I’ve managed to clear up quite a bit of the initial investment loans on the gym and 2018 is shaping up to be even better.

So much so that I think it’s time to make the gym even bigger, but that’s for a future announcement!

I always read about entrepreneurs saying that if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.

That’s exactly how I feel now.

And it’s all because of the fun people that train here.

I really am blessed with the clients I have and they’re great to work with.

Even if they do threaten me when I tell some hilarious jokes.

I’ve actually worked over 50 hours a week consistently all year long.

And do you know what?

I’d do it all again next year!

Because when I keep seeing the progress both clients and the business is making, it’s all worth it.

Now in 2018, I do plan on opening up a part time position so I can start fine tuning my own work hours.

It’s something to work towards so I can get a bit more of a work/life balance.

2018 will be interesting!

“Are You Off On Holidays AGAIN!”

Yeah, so if you’ve followed my activity this year, you may have noticed I’ve been away a bit.

Since March, I’ve been to Dubai, South America, Las Vegas and I’m spending New Years in Berlin.

7 countries in 8 months, not too shabby.

In between, I upgraded the car too.

I turned 30 this year so I said for the first time in too long I was going to go all out and enjoy 2017.

And based on social media, you might be thinking “this fella is living the dream life”.

And that’s why social media portrays a false perception.

Why What You See On Social Media Isn’t True

You see, I could easily just sit here and brag about travelling and pretend I’m winning at life.

But I can’t deal with bullshit so here’s the real truth.

Let’s look at the trips away:

Dubai – Flights €400, Accommodation – Free.

4 of us went over so everything was split 4 ways and had a friend living there so we saved quite a bit.

South America – Cost a bomb, but it was my promise to myself to do it.

And I’d do it all over again.

It was without doubt the best experience of my life and I met 16 fantastic people on the trip.

And sometime in the near future I’ll be off to visit some of them (and see new countries).

Only problem was that I took money I had put away for a deposit on a house and spent it.

All of it.


Vegas – Flights were my birthday present and 5 of us balled into the on hotel room so it only cost something like €100 for 5 nights accommodation.

Then of course Vegas takes care of the rest.

Thankfully my trusty little credit card got me to do some fun stuff.

Berlin – flights are cheap and I’ll just stay in a hostel. It’s more to chill out before the madness of January kicks off.

The Highlight Reel of Social Media

But you see, I could easily have you believe that I’m doing great in life.

Because it’s so easy to portray the perfect lifestyle online.

Always remember, we only ever put the good stuff on social media.

I didn’t show you how I had lost interest in everything back in April and May this year. Work, training the whole like. I honestly didn’t give a shit.

Also, I didn’t show you how I completely mismanaged my finances in June and with only a few days of the month left I was struggling to meet all my bill repayments.

Thankfully, when you run a business you become very good at finding solutions to your problems.

I pulled a rabbit out of the hat and it was the kick up the arse that I needed.

Since then, I’ve worked so hard on securing the future of StrongLife Gym and thankfully that’s going to really show dividends next year.

So regardless what you ever see online, always remember this.

We’re all humans.

We have great days, we have bad days.

We are driven by emotions.

No matter who you are, we will all make mistakes, we will royally fuck things up, but we are also capable of learning from it and making use of the experience in future endeavours.

And of course, we will get plenty right too.

So always take note that whatever you see online is only the highlight reel.

We rarely expose the truth or the bad days.

Instead, we are driven by likes and comments like “looks fab hun xoxo”.

Avoid the bullshit, live in the real world and appreciate the good with the bad.

And don’t be afraid to grab 2018 by the balls!

Go do something that scares you.

Every year gives you a chance to step up and do what you really want in life.

Takes chances and don’t fear failure.

You should only fear not trying.

Happy Christmas


P.s. Want to cut through all the bullshit in health and fitness for 2018?

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Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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