16 Home Workouts to keep you fit and strong

Make sure you stay on top of your health, fitness and wellbeing while social distancing

with home workouts.

​​By now, your gym is closed, the classes are cancelled and your routine is out the window.

For many, we're all off work and the days are feeling long.

And, you're probably worried that you'll fall off your fitness regime and instead of getting abs,

you end up with 3 chins.

Right now, we're all in a strange and worrying time. One we have never faced before.

It's one where we have to play our part by physical distancing and staying at home.

But, it's also a time where you can focus on what you can control.

And just because your gym or classes are closed, doesn't mean you have to stop exercising.

When we get through all of this, you want to at least be where you left off.

You don't want unnecessary weight gain or losing fitness, strength or muscle tone.

Besides the physical aspects, you want to make sure you can still exercise

to keep your mind healthy and peaceful too.

So, with that, I've created 16 home workouts for you to follow over the coming weeks.

16 Home Workouts To Keep You Fit And Strong

  • 16 total workouts to do from your own home
  • 8 Workouts that can be done using just your own bodyweight, or add in makeshift weights of your choosing.
  • 4 Workouts to do with weights you have at home
  • 4 outdoor workouts for those who have access to a quiet park/pitch/driveway (please remember physical distancing!!)
  • Option to upgrade into an Online Coaching plan.

So, if you're looking to keep on top of your fitness while your gym is closed, then just click the button below.

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