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The 14 Day Kickstart Plan


The 14 Day Kickstart – helping you get back at it!

Are you currently struggling with motivation to really kick off your fitness goals for 2018?

Did you make big plans in January but life just got in the way?

Or maybe you just haven’t had the courage to join the gym?

The 14 Day Kickstart may just be what you’re looking for!

Having trained clients for 4 years now, a common theme always emerges.

You want to lose weight, tone up and feel good about yourself.

You want to be able to go shopping for nice clothes without ending up hating yourself.

And most of all, you know that lifting weights and eating better will help all of the above.

But what’s the stumbling block?

Overcoming the fear of just getting started.

In your head, you fear making an eejit of yourself.

You fear not being fit enough.

The idea of not having a clue what you’re doing keeps you away from the gym.

You want to avoid hurting yourself too.

Like, you really want to start but the dread of walking in the door of the gym the first time stops you.

Say Hello To The 14 Day Kickstart!

I’ve put together a 14 day kickstart plan to help you simply get started.

Commit to 14 days where you forget about fears etc. and you simply just start.

Because for so many things, simply getting started can be the hardest part!


So here’s what you get:

  • A 2 week training plan with a full personal introductory session (3 sessions per week is ideal, 2 if needed).
  • Quick and easy nutrition tips to help you get to grips with your diet and lose lbs and inches.
  • All the coaching and advice you need throughout to help you overcome the challenge of starting in a gym
  • Join a friendly environment that empowers you to train and feel like you belong there.

And as always here, you’ll get to know people, have a laugh and before you know it, you’re enjoying coming in.

If you enjoy the 14 Day, we can progress into further training plans to keep you seeing results.

Are you ready to kickstart your summer body?

Ready to start training towards a better you?

You can apply here right now for our 14 Day Kickstart Plan:

14 Day Kickstart

I’ll be in touch over the weekend!

Talk soon.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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